Student Evaluations

Rigorous assignments

Many of her assignments test our knowledge in unconventional and fun ways. For example, in ENG 370: The Atlantic World, our final project was to compose a fictitious diary of someone traveling the Atlantic. . . . It was such a creative way for us to demonstrate what we studied during the semester.

Dr. Anderson is an excellent educator because, she is not only innovative, but asks her students to reciprocate with equally innovative critical thoughts. She urges students to synthesize their own opinions and ideas, rather than become young ‘drones.’

Diverse Course Content

I believe Doctor Anderson is the type of professor Elon needs to continue building its credibility as a multicultural institution. Doctor Anderson is one of the few professors that teach material that is focused on East Asia. . . . She was the only professor that could have possibly given me what I needed as an Elon student.

Readings and discussions were both stimulating—many of the authors were unfamiliar to me. Good class.

Enthusiasm and Interest in Subject

She is the most engaging professor I’ve ever had.

Dr. Anderson is very excited about what she teaches. This gets me excited as well about what we are learning.

Dynamic Discussions

She creates a classroom dynamic that stimulates discussion and challenges students to remove themselves from their comfort zone to better understand diverse viewpoints.

The course was challenging, both academically and in regards to questioning personal values and beliefs. Anderson challenged us to evidence and support all of our beliefs, a process I found difficult at first but eventually appreciated.

I’ve noticed in other classes that many Professors will lead a student discussion but steer the conversation so that it leads to a conclusion that coincides with the professor’s opinion. Those opinions often end up being what the professor wants the student to write about for their final papers, or will be the correct answers on the final exam. This is not the case in Professor Anderson’s classes. . . . The student is able to express what they got out of the class, and are graded off of the work they put in, and the ideas they have developed instead of regurgitating what the professor has said. This is something that I truly admire about Dr. Anderson.


I don’t believe I would have thought so deeply about this subject before I began working with Professor Anderson. . . .  Professor Anderson showed me that there is always a deeper layer within something, a deeper meaning.

Dr. Anderson is one of the best professor I have had at Ohio University.

I was able to use knowledge and skills from other class and really felt this course was interdisciplinary. It was one of the best classes I have taken in my 3 years at SBC [Sweet Briar College].

She was an excellent teacher. U[niversity] of R[ichmond] lost a really bright young woman whose knowledge of literature far surpassed the other professors I have had. This course made me think and I really enjoyed it.


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