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Community: The most popular show…on the internet

JAMESK. “Community-TV-Guide-Cover.” Photograph. Webshots. Joyhog.

Community is the most popular TV show…on the internet.

The image above shows three magazine covers with the same text but different pictures. Each cover shows a happy group of people that are celebrating an apparent victory that the headline refers to. Seeing as this is the TV guide magazine, it can be easily inferred that these people are cast members of the show “Community.” There is one man that appears in all three covers. Below the headline that declares the show the “winner,” there is a statement that perhaps contradicts the headline: “Why fans are fighting to save their show.” While the picture and headline display the show as a winner, the second headline casts doubt on the shows “success.”

As a fan of the show displayed on the cover, the image above means a lot more to me than it might to the average person. The show “Community” recently won the fans choice award from TV Guide readers. The people on the cover of the magazines are the cast members of the show, and the man that appears on all three covers is the main character in show. Despite having some of the worst ratings on television “Community” consistently wins fans choice awards thanks to its devoted fans. Community fans are known for being the most vocal, devoted, and crazed fans. The TV Guide contest was just another example of the fans taking to the internet to show their appreciation for their favorite show. For the past two seasons, “Community” has been on the brink of cancellation due to its dismal ratings, but thanks to the tenacity of its fans that started online campaigns to save the show. No other show on television has as avid and vocal a following as “Community.” On Reddit, a site known by many as the “front page of the internet,” the Community page has ten times the subscribers of the page for TV’s number 1 rated show “The Big Bang Theory.” The reason that the show’s ratings are so low despite its rabid fan base is because many of its viewers have taken advantage of new technologies such as Tivo and Hulu. Unfortunately these new technologies are not accounted for when calculating viewership.

Thanks to contests like the TV guide magazine one pictured above, “Community” fans have been able to show their appreciation and stave of cancellation for four years. If the fans keep up their strong avocation for the show there may still be hope for the show in the future.

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