Who’s Fault is it?

Although a person is capable of growing up and making their own decisions, they will always be influenced by their parents during childhood and that is shown by the amount of obese children that become obese adults. The habits that form due to parental influence are more likely to stick with us through life.

The video opens with an obese man on an operating table in critical condition about to go under the knife. The doctor says that its a heart attack and the man is 5’9”, 300 lbs and only 32 years old. The video progresses backwards and we see short scenes in backwards order through the eyes of the heart attack man as he drinks sugary drinks, sneaks cookies out of his desk, struggles to push his child on the swing and is too out of breath to even throw a frisbee with him. Fast food stops and doctors visits where the man is warned he may have diabetes and needs to make a change in his diet. It shows him playing video games and hiding food within his desk. It also shows his mom and teachers rewarding him with sugary snacks for doing things well or even just to make him stop crying as a baby. Throughout the video are scenes that show him kissing his wife, graduating high school, and blowing out the candles during various years to show a backwards progression through his life.

The last scene in the video, or technically the first scene of the mans life that we see through his eyes is him as a toddler crying and hitting cheerios off of his highchair and to make him stop crying, his mother stuffs french fries into his mouth. This scene implies that it is the mothers fault that this child became an unhealthy adult because from the start she didn’t try to feed him a healthy diet. When he gets an A on his test, the teacher rewards him with a candy and I think the reason that the editor includes this scene in the video is to show that it is the fault of older role models like teachers and parents that kids develop bad habits. The movie has scenes from birthdays and graduation and the man kissing his wife which shows that obesity doesn’t take away everything from a person’s life but the quality of the scenes are what show how extra weight can be detrimental. For example, the man struggles with simple tasks that a fit person executes little to no energy doing like tossing a ¬†frisbee or leaning in to kiss his wife. The backwards progression of the scenes does a great job of capturing the causes and effects of life. The effects are shown in the first scenes: heart attack, diabetes, and obesity. The causes are towards the end: Mom feeding him french fries and sugary juice from the start. Therefor the video supports my thesis that obese adults are the result of poor choices made by parents.

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