Korean Modern Fairy Tales


From a ordinary girl to princess, from the least popular girl to be with the most popular guy who every girl wants; that is almost every teenager girls’ dream. Aiming toward young female population; Goong was created as a modern Korean fairy tale. Despite the dramatic plot, it also introduces audiences to another aspects of Royal family.

Chae-Kyung is an ordinary Korean girl who happens to attend the same school with Shin the Prince of Korean royal family. Unlike Shin, Chae-Kyung is from a middle class family but she always smile and nice to everyone around her. She and her group of friends always joke around and come up with crazy things to do like normal high school students. Everything changes when some men in black suite shows up in front of her house and take her to the palace where the King and Queen inform her she is going to marry Shin and become a princess due to the marriage agreement between her grandfather and the last king. This is when the fairy tale element comes in. Korean royal family, arranged marriage in the 21st century? Who does not want to believe any ordinary girl can become a princess?


In other hand, Goong brings audiences to another aspect of being in a royal family – Stress and Pressure. Chae Kyung from a happy girl who is always full of joys to a “doll” inside the palace surrounded by all the rules. She have people decided what she should say in public, what to wear, how to behave certain ways that appropriate. Being a princess is not just about the clothes, palace and title, from nobody Chae Kyung becomes every girl’s role model and that comes with a lot of pressure. Along with public reputation, she also has to learn poetry, read books about rules..etc. Every girl wants to be a princess but not every girl know what it takes to be one and Goong introduces that to people successfully. It is a drama series that fulfill the fairy tale elements but not forgeting the reality.

Goong is a series that find a balance between drama and reality. They let every girl fall in love with the plot of a ordinary girl waking up one day in a palace and become a princess but it is not all pink and magical, it comes with pressure and stress and sacrifice.
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