Syllabi for Selected Courses

I use technology to help students develop their arguments and use various kinds of evidence to support their claims. Writing in a digital environment allows students to build on skills and competencies they frequently use in more traditional academic papers. In writing courses, I focus on the writing process, stressing flexible strategies in invention, drafting, reviewing and revising. I  encourage students to pursue their own interests while becoming familiar with writing conventions by reading the writing of others.  For upper-level literature courses and interdisciplinary seminars, I encourage students to  learn how to read critically to construct meaningful and evidence-based arguments.

Often, my courses incorporate digital writing assignments in the form of curations and blog posts.  Here, students use evidence in a variety of ways, from embedding images and video to using hyperlinks to direct readers to additional information.  Because they use a variety of sources, students receive a rigorous introduction in the proper citation of a wide variety of sources, from academic journal and newspaper articles to blog posts and tweets. Other assignments, such as digital exhibits and virtual exhibits, also involve attending to elements of design, as they involve images and video.

I also use technology to manage the administrative elements of my courses. Students submit all assignments electronically, and I use screencasts to provide video comments on assignments. also incorporate the discussion tools found in Moodle for peer review.

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