Curations: First Year Writing

For this assignment, each student posts a curation, a piece of digital writing that provides critical commentary on a primary source, and comments on a classmates’s curation. The primary source may be a video clip, visual image, speech, etc. This assignment allows students to develop invention and peer responding skills. It also allows students to read critically and construct an argument.

Each curation is no more than 500 words. The title must have a title and correctly cite the primary source. The comment on a classmate’s curation should be at no more than 125 words.

Students are assessed using the following rubric:

Rubric for Curation: Writing Course

Rubric for Curation: Writing Course

The  following curations by students effectively demonstrate critical commentary of primary sources:

POVERTY IN THE SOUTH: LIVING WITH THE BARE ESSENTIALS:  Some people in the south of the United States are experiencing poverty through broken down homes and living off the bare minimum.

BULL MARKETS DIE:  This picture signifies the end of the bull market on Wall Street and the start of a less successful economic era.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH WITH NO FILTER:  Today, Muslims are insulted by harsh slander that makes American Muslims uncomfortable in their own country.

COMMUNITY: THE MOST POPULAR SHOW…ON THE INTERNET:  Community is the most popular TV show…on the internet.

NCAA TO ATHLETES: YOU’LL THANK US LATER:  Nick Anderson’s NCAA to Athletes: You’ll Thank Us Later represents the cunningness of the NCAA as they take the extensive revenues from student-athletes and hand them over without opposition to the universities they play for.


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