Selected Curations

Students will curate a primary source (such as a video clip, visual image, speech, etc.) related to their topic and comment on the curations of their classmates.

POVERTY IN THE SOUTH: LIVING WITH THE BARE ESSENTIALS:  Some people in the south of the United States are experiencing poverty through broken down homes and living off the bare minimum.

WHAT HAPPENED TO RECORDS?:  The above picture, which features a mostly empty record store, represents the decline of record sales as well as the increase in illegal downloading of music.

BULL MARKETS DIE:  This picture signifies the end of the bull market on Wall Street and the start of a less successful economic era.

NCAA TO ATHLETES: YOU’LL THANK US LATER:  Nick Anderson’s NCAA to Athletes: You’ll Thank Us Later represents the cunningness of the NCAA as they take the extensive revenues from student-athletes and hand them over without opposition to the universities they play for.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH WITH NO FILTER:  Today, Muslims are insulted by harsh slander that makes American Muslims uncomfortable in their own country.

COMMUNITY: THE MOST POPULAR SHOW…ON THE INTERNET:  Community is the most popular TV show…on the internet.

SHORT CUTS:  There are parents today that make short cuts in parenting that have harmful effects in the long run for their children’s health. Just because fast food is convenient, inexpensive, and begged for by children, doesn’t mean that it is in any way beneficial past the initial primal need for food.

ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER:  This image represents the struggle for survival for an orphan living in Africa.

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