Blog Posts: First-Year Writing

For this assignment, each student creates and publishes a blog post to polygrafi and comments on a classmates’s blog post.   The blog post allows students to develop invention and peer responding skills as part of the writing process, analyze and cite visual primary sources and produce evidence-based writing for a public audience.

The blog post must feature a visual primary source, such as a painting, image, ad, photograph, video clip or movie trailer (no full-length films or programs). Each blog post is 500-550 words. It must have a title and correctly cite the primary source. The comment on a classmate’s blog post should be at no more than 125 words. It should identify what the writer does well, what can be improved and suggestions for specific improvement.

Students are assessed using the following rubric:

Rubric for Blog Post: Writing Course

Rubric for Blog Post: Writing Course

The following blog posts effectively demonstrate analysis of primary sources:

NEGATIVE CALORIE-RESTRICTING DIETS’ EFFECTS ON WOMEN:  Calorie-restricting diets have negative effects on women’s long-term physical and psychological health.

DECEPTION OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED PRODUCTS:  David Gould’s image depicts the genetic modification process of natural products (tomatoes) by the unknown syringe chemical injections. This image illustrates the deception in the market that genetically modified foods can have because the tomatoes look normal even with syringes injecting chemicals, and also the unknown chemicals injected into products.

WINTER ON NANTUCKET:  The photography taken by Aimee Seavey captures undisturbed beauty that Nantucket holds during the wintertime.

BRUTE, AMERICAN FORCE:  Bettmann shows us a battle scene from the 1800s, depicting the brutality that American soldiers displayed towards Native Americans during westward expansion.

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