Digital Essays: First Year Writing

For first-year writing, each student creates a digital essay and posts it to polygrafi. This assignment provides the opportunity for students to engage in digital writing for interdisciplinary projects and to visually represent their argument with an infographic (not included below). These essays represent the extension of work done in Curations: First Year Writing

Writing online is fundamentally different from writing a traditional academic paper. It is designed to be read on a computer screen and located in searches from databases and search engines. It also allows writers to use multimedia (combination of text, audio, still images, animation, or interactive content forms like links and polls) to supplement your writing.

Students are assessed using the following rubric:

Rubric for Digital Essay: Writing

Rubric for Digital Essay: Writing

The following essays by students effectively demonstrate effective arguments in digital environments: 

POVERTY IN THE SOUTH: GOVERNMENT ATTENTION NEEDED:  In the U.S. poverty in the South is an ongoing problem that needs the attention of our government. The South especially is hit hard with low paying jobs and few job openings. People are unable to pay their rent, unable to provide for their family, and unable to obtain necessities.

NAVY SEALS: THE DARK KNIGHTS OF AMERICA:  As one of the premiere forces fighting for the American way of life, the Navy SEALs through stealth operations, perceived negative view, and alter ego are comparable to Batman, the caped crusader ofGotham. Due to this the SEALs have earned the title of the Dark Knights of America.

HIGH FREQUENCY? OR INSIDER TRADING?:  High frequency trading has reached a point in which its legality needs to be called in to question. These traders hurt markets and other investors while forcing large investors to move into dark pools. High frequency traders also have an unfair advantage when it comes to trading.

MONEY OR FAME? AN NCAA ATHLETE WANTS BOTH:  Because children grow up watching college athletics on television and see the fame that NCAAathletes obtain, many athletes attempt to create a lifetime occupation out of sports while they neglect opportunities in academic achievements because they are infatuated with the idea of being a jock for life.

ISLAMOPHOBIA: WHO’S TO BLAME:  Due to ignorance and the media’s stereotypes that Islam is a violent, outcast religion, some Americans today blame Islam for the emotional, physical and financial damage the terrorist attacks on 9/11 caused.

COMMUNITY, 30 ROCK, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: REINVENTING THE SITCOM:  In recent years the biggest innovation in the television industry has occurred in writing style, which now focuses more on genuine character development and thoroughly polished fast paced humor. Three shows in particular have lead the charge towards a new age in television: Arrested Development30 Rock and Community.

LOST FREEDOM:  Lost Freedom is an image of someone’s arms chained together at the wrist reaching up in to the air towards a blue butterfly.  In this particular image, the butterfly represents the freedom and peace that we all strive towards when we are feeling tied down.

DANGERS OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS:  Genetically modified foods are dangerous to all species and the environment because of the new chemicals introduced to the crops and their unknown health risks, the lack of regulation during the process and in labeling by the government, and the unimaginable environmental effects from cross contamination.

THE CONCUSSION SECRET:  Concussions have created controversy worldwide as a serious issue over the last couple decades. Some people have a deep understand of what it means to be concussed and others have no idea.

THE PRICE OF PROSPERITY:  Migration in the movie Avatar mirrors 1800 westward expansion in that both result in “superior” races exploiting weaker natives.


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