Water Boarding Must Be Stopped!


Recently water boarding has become a major topic of discussion among society and the government. Water boarding is a form of torture normally used to abstract valuable information from assets that may pose a possible threat. However, water boarding is too harsh of a method and should be done away with.

Water boarding should be done away with in America especially, mainly because America is not known for brutally torturing others. This form of torture is not always successful in retrieving the right information. At times false information is normally given to stop the pain. The effects of water boarding can lead to many problems such as, extreme pain, lung damage and also brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Overall, water boarding should be outlawed because it gives off a bad reputation for America, its insufficient gathering of information, and extraneous pain caused on the victim (Drubal and Barlow).

Water boarding is a tactic used to cause extreme pain and suffering to a victim by the use of water and any form of cloth used to cover the face of the victim. Some see water boarding as a cruel and unlawful act against human beings. Water boarding made its first appearance as far back as the 14th century (Eric Weiner). Later on, water boarding, before known as water torture, made its way to North America roughly around 1815 as a way to control slaves. Water boarding was used as a punishment for African American slaves. If such a cruel act was used on humans who they treated like animals in slaves was then abolished why wouldn’t the torture tactic be banned as well? Europe actually banned the use of water boarding back in the 1700’s. If other countries including allied forces banned the use of this tactic shouldn’t this tell others like America that there is something wrong with this torture method? Something has to be done, a change must be made for many reasons.

This method of torture should be banned is because it is very unjust. The right of a human being to fight against the pain and agony is taken away by restraint against their will. Once this is done, the water is then applied and gives the victim the sense of being drowned. America is not known for causing extreme harm or pain to someone against their will. If these acts continue the image of America will be destroyed in many ways. America could lose out on a lot even possibly allies under certain circumstances.

A great example could be presented to show the cause and effect of water boarding. Imagine if the American government was to water board possibly someone that turned out to be an ally of an ally and then valuable information is given up that the American didn’t need to know. That one Ally may find this as an act of America being a traitor and this could then lead to further events such as destroying the alliance or possible worse, war. Another way this could affect America in the wrong way is if citizens were to truly know what was going on with these tactics and could cause a rebellion against these acts. One thing American citizens do is express their point of view.

If they don’t like something they will make sure their opinion or the way they feel is heard. If the citizens don’t like the sense of water boarding people and nothing is done, disorder amongst the country could come about and more or less cause a rebellion against the government. Water boarding is not that serious to keep around if it could cause all these possible problems. Also why encourage this act if it is not even full proof and certain to retrieve the correct information wanted. Through a graph representation I was able to show another way how unjust this torture method is.


The graph above shows is a great example of why water boarding should be banned due to unfair treatment. It is very unjust for Americans to do something to someone else and it be seen as being great and very useful. However once it is done to an American, problems come about and then this tactic is sought out to be awful and unacceptable.

One thing I have learned is that any human will do or say whatever it takes to get them out of a situation they do not want to be in. Example, if someone is being tortured and they want the pain to stop, they will say and do whatever for it to stop tell whomever the need whatever the need to in order to stop the torture. . Recently this same event happened to America. Abu Zubaydah is a Saudi Arabian citizens who has been in American custody for more than ten years thought to be an enemy combatant. After captured Abu Zubaydah was water boarded while he was being interrogated by the United States CIA. It is said that just after only thirty-five seconds of being water boarded he began the release information. Later on the CIA found out that the information given was false and Abu had lied just to stop the torture (History and Debate of Water boarding).

If this method is not foolproof why still do it and cause unnecessary pain to someone. It is said that the most successful way of gathering the information needed is for the interrogator to actually form a bond and build a relationship with whom they are looking to gather information from (Ross Howell). Why is water boarding needed if this tactic is more successful? Getting rid of water boarding could result in a lot less unnecessary pain put upon someone especially if there other ways of retrieving information successfully.

Not only is water boarding unjust and not 100 percent successful in retrieving information but it also poses major health threats to the victim. Water boarding is known to cause extreme pain, lung damage, brain damage from lack of oxygen, and dry drowning (History and Debate of Water boarding). Dry drowning is when a person cannot take in oxygen from air. The dry drowning is the process that leads to lung damage all a result of water boarding. The main effect water boarding has on one’s health is long term brain damage.

Overall water boarding doesn’t have a good side about it. Any points that could possibly be stated supporting water boarding could be argued and disputed. Water boarding has no reason to be present amongst this society. It is very harmful to the health of an individual. Not only is it harmful, but it’s not even accurate. If you are going to put someone through that much pain the information retrieved should be useful or of some help to what is being investigated. It’s pretty simple. This controversial issue has no reason to be argued. We as a nation and as civilization should get rid of water boarding. This unjust act is dangerous in many ways and will cause more problems than it is believed to solve.

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