The world in our hands

The world in our hands
The world in the hands of our children

The passing of the torch

The meaning of this image can be analyzed in the following way: “The hope for a clean, green environment is in the hands of our children and future generations.” The human and non-human characteristics in this image help the author of this photo express this idea.

The author of this picture chose an older person’s hand and a child’s hand to signify the relationship between the two people. The older person is handing the child a plant. The human characteristics of this photo signify the generation gap and the relationship between the two different people. The older person has faith in the younger person. In many cultures, children represent hope and new beginnings. The plant is being passed down from the older to younger person, establishing a responsibility to protect the environment. The author also conveys teaching through this photo. The child’s hands are underneath, touching the older persons hands. This symbolizes that the older man isn’t going to just hand the responsibilities of the environment over without teaching the child first.

The non-human characteristics of this photo include a small flower-like plant, soil, and a nature filled background with flowers blooming and the sun shining. The plant is small, flowerless, and young which signifies the fragile nature of the environment.

The relationship between the human and non-human characteristics of this photo is very important. The future of our planet and its ecosystem is in the hands of the children and future generations. The connection between the older person’s hands and the child’s hand represents the unity of two generations working together to preserve the environment. The older person connecting with the child’s hands represents the passing of the torch from one generation to another. The future depends on their cooperation.

Another symbolic piece of this image is the representation of the plant. It is resting in the older person’s hands, waiting to be passed on. As the plant is passed on, it is symbolizing that the future of the environment is in their hands. It is the future generations job to preserve the environment. The environment needs to be protected. It is evident that as the plant is being passed on, the hands of the older person are protecting it. The two people are very careful when passing the plant. The younger person seems to have their hands underneath just in case anything falls out. The older person is in the leadership role, and will ultimately make the final decision on when to drop the plant into the child’s hands. This can be related to society itself. We learn from our elders and we take that knowledge and use it to improve society. The child is learning and when the elder person feels as if the child is ready, the plant will be passed on.

The relationship between the plant and the people can be related not only to the environment, but also to life itself. As people grow up, they obtain the responsibility of looking after the well being of society, to make the right decision, and be a good person. The plant is just a symbolic way of conveying this idea.

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