Environment Among Inner City Housing. Home or Rubbish? Demetrius Oliver

Housing in Trumbull Gardens complex, Bridgeport CT

Housing in Trumbull Gardens apartment complex, Bridgeport CT.

This image of Trumbull Gardens housing complex depicts the living arrangement of people in the inner city limits of Bridgeport Connecticut.

From a visual standpoint it is not difficult to distinguish the difference between the inner city housing and housing in the suburbs. The quality of the living between these two different societies do not compare. It shows not only to the people who live in these places, but also to the world. This depiction of the inner city makes it seem as if this environment is unlivable. However, there are valid reasons given to why it may be that the inner city looks the way it does as represented in the picture.

If you take the time to look at the image very closely you will understand that it has a lot of meaning behind it that has more meaning than most people may realize. In the image presented, it gives a visual representation of what some people tend to call the “hood” or the “ghetto.” What I see when I look at this image is home, but to others they may see it as a run down apartment building at first glance. The visual area around the complex that you see in this image is an apartment building that is surrounded by overgrown vegetation and a broken fence that could be very hazardous to the individuals living in this community. The apartment building itself is extremely filthy with dirt and looks to be infested with mildew.

When I look at this photo I see more than what the average person may. To me, this picture doesn’t represent the “hood” or “ghetto,” but this is the home of families who aren’t as fortunate as others. Although the apartment building may not be in the best of shape, it is still a place where a family lays their heads at night. The people living in these conditions can’t help how the outside appearance may look; that all depends on the government and what they decide to do. These unhealthy living conditions can all be changed if the government steps in and does something about this issue.

These living conditions are not only affecting the appearance of the apartment complex, but believe it or not it’s also having an effect on the crime rate in this area. By this area’s poor security and easy access to the homes due to the broken fences, it allows the increase of robbery in this area. The crime rate is not caused by the people within this area, but mainly from people from other areas attracted to these housing complexes because these apartments seem to be easier targets for criminals and the terrible crimes they commit.

Overall, some help from the government can change living environment of inner city Bridgeport as well as the crime rate for the best. This picture is a representation of change that must go in effect. The appearance shouldn’t define these places being labeled as a home, but the safety and comfort of these places by making these living environments better.

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  1. You did a good job explaining what your opinion on the picture, and what it represents to you. Next time yo should spend more time describing the picture before you delve into your opinion about the picture. You did a good job of overall but next time do a better job describing the picture and making you opinion clearer.

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