Deception of Genetically Modified Products

Taylor Beberman: David Gould "Genetically Modified Tomatoes" March 14, 2013

Taylor Beberman: David Gould “Genetically Modified Tomatoes” March 14, 2013

David Gould’s image depicts the genetic modification process of natural products (tomatoes) by the unknown syringe chemical injections. This image illustrates the deception in the market that genetically modified foods can have because the tomatoes look normal even with syringes injecting chemicals, and also the unknown chemicals injected into products

In this image there are five red tomatoes that are all fully-grown and have no indication of any imperfections. Each of the tomatoes are attached to one another through green vines that are connected to the tomatoes on the top center of the fruit. The tomatoes do not look deformed in any way and look very healthy and edible. There are 12 syringes entering the tomatoes’ skin and the tips are deep into the meat. Each syringe has a tip that is grey, green or orange. There are eight grey, two green and two orange tips. The tips could identify which chemical is being injected into the tomatoes. The syringes are filled with a clear substance, most likely a drug or chemical. The syringes are all different widths and carry varying amounts of a chemical. There is no source in the picture that would indicate who or what is holding the syringes in the tomatoes and if they are being injected. It looks as if they are being injected into the meat of the tomato because of the varying amounts of chemical clear liquid in the syringes. Even with the added chemical substance, the tomatoes look shiny and perfectly edible.

The tomatoes are representative of a product that grows naturally in the world without a need for any genetic modification. The twelve syringes inserted represent the different chemicals added to a natural product to alter it’s DNA, forever changing the genetic makeup of that product. Since the tomatoes look perfectly normal even though unknown chemicals are being placed into them, it is possible that many genetically modified products will look completely normal and harmless to the human eye. If GMOs enter the market on a large scale, it will be difficult to recognize the differences between actual natural products and products that have undergone genetic alterations. Since the genetically modified products will look the same as the natural products, if not better, it will be difficult to know if you are consuming a product with chemicals or not. In this image does not show where the injections are coming from and what chemicals are inside the syringes. The lack of chemical identification and labeling will lead to potential allergens and diseases to consumers. It will be hard for the government to regulate what chemicals are being added to the product or to ensure that consumers understand what has been modified.

David Gould’s image gives the person analyzing the picture the ability to recognize the deception of genetic alterations in a small scale example such as the tomatoes with syringes injecting unknown chemicals. The observations from this example can be related to all other natural products that undergo some genetic modification.

Gould, David. “Genetically Modified Food Tomatoes Syringes Photo.” Digital Image. Sense & Sustainability: Fresh Perspectives on Sustainable Development. 14 May 2013. Web. 29 Oct. 2013.

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    This is a very well-written post. You do a great job of describing every important detail of the image and focusing on the details that you use to prove your point in the analytical paragraph. Also, you do very well with relating the image to the effects its symbolism will have on society, making the image become personal to your reader. As far as improvements go, I noticed very little error aside from one incorrect usage of it’s/its in the third line of the analytical paragraph. Although I would not change much else about this post, you could discuss the significance to the different sizes and shapes of the syringes since you mentioned this in the descriptive paragraph. Overall, this is a high-quality piece of work. You should be proud.


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