Winter on Nantucket

Nantucket lightly dusted with snow during the quiet winter.

Nantucket lightly dusted with snow during the quiet winter.

The photography taken by Aimee Seavey captures undisturbed beauty that Nantucket holds during the wintertime.

Nantucket Island, located off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is the location of this photograph. The image shows a quiet spot on Nantucket where a lighthouse is located. The lighthouse is in the back of the photograph off to the left, becoming the focus object of the photograph. It becomes the first thing that viewers notice; however, the photo is much more complex than just a lighthouse. The photo seizes the allure of the island during the winter. The sand is lightly coated with snow, and the grass dunes are glazed with ice. There is a path that leads to the water where the water meets the sand. The path also leads to a small ice covered bridge that enters the lighthouse that is on the look out to lead ships to and from during the night. In the far distance, empty houses closed up for the winter line the sea. All around the flowing ocean, there is beauty in the magic of the brisk snowy air. The sky is filled with an abundance of clouds which let the sun peak through once and a while to reflect off of the ice and snow creating a glistening effect. The undisturbed seaside is observed in the photograph.

The photograph conquers the hidden beauty of Nantucket during the winter. Nantucket is not often thought about during the winter time; it is more commonly known as a busy destination for a summer get-away. During the winter, the island becomes a magical snow covered place in which this photograph exemplifies. The ice-covered dunes sparkle as the sun hits them drawing visitors to walk along the beach. People bundle up to walk along the beach looking for shells in the sand or taking pictures along the smooth ocean. The natural beauty that mother nature provides on the island is undisturbed because of the little amount of people that are aware of Nantucket during the winter. Island visitors are able to come to the island to enjoy time of relaxation and quietness by enjoying the snowy atmosphere. They can walk the beach or walk through town and feel like they are getting away from reality. Seavey, the artist, has first hand experience of being on the island in the winter time, which is why she wanted to express the wonders of the island in the winter time through a photograph for all to see.

Overall, this photograph expresses the beauty and quietness of Nantucket during the winter. Nantucket is a place that must be seen in the winter, in addition to the typical summer, visits that most people make. To understand the true beauty that this photo holds, one must go and experience the snowy island.

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  1. This is very good, I like the variety of vocabulary you use in your first paragraph. It is a different then most photos of Nantucket. I particularly liked the part where you say, “During the winter, the island becomes a magical snow covered place in which this photograph exemplifies.” Overall I think you did a great job of persuading the reader to go to visit Nantucket in the wintertime. One thing that I would try to do is cut down on some of your sentences to give the main points some more punch, overall great job Morgan! It makes me homesick, I can’t wait to get home to some snow.

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