Running Out of Time

“Time” Ferdi Rizkiyanto

As an image trying to convey an important message, this image does a great job of capturing a problem and showing potential consequences of waiting without action. The image clearly represents how climate change is posing a threat to our planet and that our time for action towards prevention is running out.

The first identifiable element of this image is the massive hourglass that encapsulates all the other components of the image. Within the hourglass, as with every traditional hourglass, there are two separate pieces divided by a tiny gap that is wide enough only to allow a drop of water through at a time. The bottom half of the hourglass shows what looks like a standard image of society. Including elements of cities and nature, while showing evidence of live with features such as people and birds. However, this picture of society also shows images of trees that have been cut down, gas stations, and factories and cars that all contribute to pollution and climate change. The top half of the hourglass shows what seemed to once be a large mass of icebergs, but also seem to be slowly melting, and have lost a vast majority of the solid ice that once was. These do not come off as meaningless masses of ice as well. The image shows two polar bears who are hanging on to the last bit of land that they appear to live on. From the image, it seems that as the ice continues to melt away, so do the homes of those polar bears and others like them.

The artist of this image did a good job of capturing our society in a simple image. While the mass of earth seems fairly nice and green with lots of activity, it also shows the constant pollution that our society as a whole adds to the planet every day. The factories and cars pollute the air, while we destroy some of nature’s most vital resources; natural gas and trees. While we go everyday living comfortable lives thinking everything is okay, our pollution is melting the polar icecaps that provide habitats for many creatures, but also hold our earth together by keeping it above water. Slowly the water from the melting polar ice caps drips through the hourglass that represents our planet, and conveys the message that if we do not change the way of life that we have all become used to, we are dangerously close to losing life on this planet all together. The image is accurate by showing that this change is slow presenting the change one drop at a time, but even at one drop at a time, our planet is up to its knees in water and this slow changing environment will be destroyed before we even realize it.

The symbol of an hourglass is perfect for this image because it dismisses the notion that climate change is something that is brand new and will happen in a short period of time. Instead, the hourglass represents a slow but steady change that could creep up on society before we know it. The image preaches knowledge and awareness rather than forcing people to believe wild and tragic possibilities. It subtly states the facts in a simple picture that without question shows one thing if nothing else, that time is running out.

Rizkiyanto, Ferdi. “Time”. Pey. 29 Oct. 2013.

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  1. You do a great job of describing the image of the hourglass and interpreting what it means in the sense of our world slowly changing due to pollution and climate change. Maybe break up some of the paragraphs a bit so they are not as long. You chose a very interesting and concerning topic. Perfect image to describe it all!

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