Obesity. Thanks McDonalds.

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Obese boy eating at McDonald’s

In the photograph of the little boy eating McDonald’s fast food, there is clear evidence that the child is severely obese. More and more Americans are becoming morbidly obese. Not only is this a health problem, but obesity also affects how Americans are viewed from an outsider’s point of view.

The photograph, which was most likely recently taken given the modern look, shows two boys around the age of five or six. Both boys are morbidly obese, given the amount of fat rolls on their arms. The two boys also have a blown up face full of fat. While the boy on the left is stuffing his face with some sort of McDonald’s fast food item, the boy on the right is pointing towards something. He is most likely pointing at some sort of food item, wanting it. The boys do not have the typical kid’s meals, which are clearly meant for children, in front of them. Instead, they have the drink cups that come with the meals that are meant for adults. The boy in the red sleeveless shirt has a napkin tucked into the shirt. He probably has this napkin there because he is such a messy eater purely from stuffing his face too quickly. On the table in front of the children, is an empty McDonald’s French fries container. On the plastic serving tray, there is a pile of French fries, waiting to be eaten.

In today’s world, especially in the United States, more and more people are eating larger amounts of food. Since fast food is cheaper than healthy food, that is the route that many young people and entire families take. There has been a large increase in morbidly obese people, not only in America, but also across the globe. The photograph of the young boys eating at McDonald’s and stuffing their faces shows how horrible the problem of obesity is really getting. Now, even very young children are eating too much unhealthy food and becoming obese. That the parents let their children get so sick is still a question I wonder. Why would you let your child become morbidly obese? Overfeeding children just increases their health problems, plus it is not attractive.

When the boy is pointing at the possible fast food item, which is not in the photograph, all I can think of is the child wanting even more food. This shows how people can never get enough of food. Once someone is obese, it is very hard for him or her to actually stop eating such large amounts of food. The boys in the photograph seem to be at that stage all ready. It also looks like the boys can hardly move. They are most likely not doing any physical activity because it must be so hard for them to move their body. The arms of the boy have so many fat rolls.

Not only is it a problem for the Americans that so many people are becoming morbidly obese, it is also a problem for America’s reputation. The photograph is taken in a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. All over the world, there are McDonald’s restaurants. The franchise has branched out so much in the recent years. Most people across the globe know that McDonald’s is a cheap, disgusting yet still delicious fast food chain that is purely American. When non-Americans go into these restaurants in their own countries, they get the experience of a fast food meal. A lot of these people believe that this is what America is all about: cheap and disgusting food.

People need to realize that being morbidly obese can severely impact health. Families should start feeding their children healthier food and encouraging physical activity. Not only is obesity affecting Americans in the personal health way, it is also affecting American’s reputation. In order to restore our reputation, we need to take charge and end obesity once and for all.

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