Lost Freedom

Lost Freedom. Chicktech.com. Web. 29 Oct 2013.

Lost Freedom: computer image – Artist and medium unknown

Lost Freedom is an image of someone’s arms chained together at the wrist reaching up in to the air towards a blue butterfly.  In this particular image, the butterfly represents the freedom and peace that we all strive towards when we are feeling tied down.

The image, Lost Freedom, is a computer graphic that is edited to look like it is painted on an old parchment.  The corners and edges are distressed and strained a darker brown than the majority of the background.  Coming from the bottom of the frame, two arms are stretching upward.  They are chained together at the wrist by dull-silver industrial chain links.  The hands are reaching gently towards a large blue butterfly.  The butterfly is about the size of the hands, and appears to be flying directly up.  The butterfly’s wings are a deep blue on the tips and fade to a lighter blue, then almost to white closer to the body.  When looking at the distance between the hands and the butterfly, and the way the wrists are tied together, it is clear that the butterfly will not be captured.

In this image, the hands represent all people.  Hands are a strong representation of people because they can point toward what the people are reaching towards and what is trying to be grasped.  The chains on the wrists represent the responsibilities and requirements that people face that tie people down and keep them from being happy or peaceful.  The industrial chain is a great representative of this because it is comprised of many pieces, just like people have endless things holding them back.  Also, chains are viewed as a very strong tool that cannot be broken simply by human strength.

The butterfly, most importantly, represents the freedom and peace that people are constantly striving to grasp throughout their lives.  A butterfly is very whimsical and moves in whichever direction it pleases with out much care.  This is how people wish that they could live their lives: follow their dreams without worry.  The butterfly’s color is important in this image because of the way that a deep shade of blue can make the observer feel.  Blue is a peaceful color, and scientifically is seen as one of the warmest colors.  This is a significant detail because it gives the viewer an insight in to the peace and warmth that would come with grasping freedom.  Lastly, the old worn out look that the image, as a whole, gives off shows that the more specific idea of a search for freedom is timeless, and that it has been the main goal and dream of mankind for a very long time.

Every aspect of this image holds its own meaning and symbol to the picture as a whole.  Although all pieces to the image are necessary to carry the whole purpose to the viewer, the butterfly is the main attraction because it represents the dream to reach pure contentment in life, despite the struggles and stresses that may hold people back.

Lost Freedom. Chicktech.com. Web. 29 Oct 2013.

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  1. Lindsey,
    There are so many elements of this post that are on point, it is very difficult for me to critique! The point you make about blue being a peaceful color is great, and definitely very important to notice, in that colors draw the eye to things we may not consciously realize that we’re drawn to.

    Perhaps one thing to question further is why the chained person is grasping for the butterfly at all. Why is it that he/she wants to capture such freedom? Is it because he/she feels that if they cannot have freedom, it is not fair for anyone else to be free either? If the hands could in fact reach the butterfly, what do you believe the intent would be? Just something to consider…

    You do a great job taking a simple image and taking pieces out of it that most people would not even bother to notice. Good eye! 🙂

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