Legalize Marijuana, Clear up the Jails, Make Money

"Because marijuana is not a drug, is not harmful, cures cancer, grows natural, can save our country, and provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people."

“Because marijuana is not a drug, is not harmful, cures cancer, grows natural, can save our country, and provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people.”

This image above is an image that is representing the ongoing war in the US and in places around the world about the Legalization of Marijuana. This image reflects however on the issues that legalizing marijuana can solve such as emptying the prisons in the US to save taxpayer dollars and end the police state that the US has.

The US is currently facing an issue with overcrowded jails, because of arresting people for theft, killings and for the use of drugs such as marijuana. Clearing up the jail system will be very beneficial to the US government because of the amount of money the government will save. Keeping people in jail and maintaining the jails is a huge price on the government, that could be substantially reduced because of the legalizing of marijuana. According to Cato, “we lose $17.4 billion in taxpayer funds every year to arrests for non-violent drug crimes like sale and possession.” According to the Pew Research Center, “this surplus of drug-related offenders helped create a U.S. prison system that is near capacity, in crisis, and expensive. Citing more than $80 billion we spent on our prisons in 2010 — with 47 percent of inmates in jail for drug-related offenses.” Theses statistics show that we are spending more and more money each year to accommodate people for drug-related offenses.

By Legalizing marijuana the US government would save a lot of money for many reasons. By not having to spending almost 100 billion dollars a year to keep people in prisons, maintain them and possible build more to be able to fit the amount of people they arrest due to drug-related offenses. According to the Marijuana Policy Project there about “ 872,720 pot-related arrests in the United States in 2007 alone.” The US has the highest amount of incarceration in the world and 872,720 are for drug-related arrests. The amount of money the government can save because of the legalization of marijuana will be able to help the economy because of the extra money to do other things. The arrests of these people for drug related reasons also slows down the economy even more because its hard for them to come out and get jobs. WIthout being able to get jobs the US government does not make more money to run and help the economy and also it forces these people to revert back to using drug related methods, to make money and make ends meet. The fact that people have to go back to doing what they did to get in jail so they can get a job does make show that legalizing it will make things better for everyone. And legalizing it will definitely create safe jobs for people who have been arrested for it, and once again stimulate the economy

The amount of money, and amount of people in prison for marijuana is dangerously high and making it hard for the US to support other more important things that cost a lot of money. It will save money, save lives, and stimulate the economy. It will also help the US, the land of the free, get rid of its “ironic reputation” of having the most incarcerations in the world.

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  1. Great post. I think that you made this post very interesting than the average blogger could about marijuana. You made a solid stance and argued a point of how legalizing marijuana can be beneficial to our economy. Going out and supporting a few claims you made was another thing that you did well. However, there is room for improvement. By being cautious of the writing tense you are using is a helpful improvement to this post, because marijuana is already legal in some states in the U.S. I felt like you were still striving to say that we need to legalize it, but it already is. Secondly, there are just a few words that need another look at that will improve this post (proofread). Lastly, you say that letting prisoners of drug related charges out of jail will create more jobs? State what jobs those are and specifically why it would help, because letting them out is a stretch. Like i said, great post and keep improving. For this one, i suggest that you look at a claim that argues against your point, because it would make for a better argument and make your approach seem more than one-sided. Think about how the economy is also not able to record an accurate GDP (gross domestic product) because of behind the scenes sales and transaction involving drugs (especially marijuana) and other illegal acts.

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