Glass Pokemon ball


Obscure Clarity, of a Pokemon ball


Pokemon is a widely known show but the creator did not intend to make this work of art in order to depict their version of a Pokemon ball.

This piece of art was named Obscure Clarity, it is completely glass with a red and clear color scheme that is split in half. On the clear side there are rifts flowing downward in a diagonal direction, also on this half is half of a clear circle that lines up exactly where the other half circle lines up. On the red upper half there are no rifts, it is simply a red half circle with a smaller red circle within it.

Many of the works in this site often have some sort of spherical shape or form within them. Every one of the pieces in this gallery are glass, varying with shape and color but holding some of the main themes. Each piece has some spot or half the is not colored and completely see through, there is also more often than not a spherical shape encased in the work that also divides the color.

Poke-ball in Japanese actually means Monster ball, poke-balls are used for capturing wild Pokemon in the show Pokemon. A Poke-ball is a sphere with a red top and a white bottom, in between the two colors is a thin black line that wraps all the way around the ball and meeting at a smaller circle that is considered a button on the ball. This button is the opening point of the ball. when pressed it hinges back from the button in order to capture a Pokemon. this image may have unmistakeable resemblance to a Pokemon ball but the creator did not intend for it to resemble it.

The creator of this glass art clearly did not intend for this to resemble a Pokemon ball because of certain characteristics of the art itself. Pokemon balls are spherical and are meant to be viewed as a three dimensional this art although it is three dimensional it appears two dimensional and flat. another visual element that denounces the notion of the resemblance of this art to a Poke-ball is the small white center found on Pokemon balls. The small white center is a button in the center of the Pokemon ball the opens. this white center overlaps the red ad stays white on the white half of the ball. This art piece doses have a center but it is completely red on the red half and white on the other half, the center also isn’t a button it is an air bubble formed in the center of the glass.

Although a Pokemon ball and the glass art piece share some resemblance the creator  did not intend for their work to represent this. Some of of the key elements such as the certain colors used in specific areas and  the positioning of some of the identifying makers make it very clear that this glass art was not made in order to imitate a Pokemon ball.


fiazelson. Obscure Clarity. from fiazelson gallery. retrieved 10/28/13 from:

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    You did a really great job analyzing the piece and your descriptions were great! An improvement would be to make sure the title of the piece is quoted and sometimes your sentence structure has too many unneeded words. A future improvement would be to try to get more the point without cushioning words that do not add a lot of value. Also, you did a great job with your interpretation of the piece but you became little redundant at times. Other then those few things you did an awesome job!!


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