Abuse of Adderall

Adderall; can't pass without it!

Adderall; can’t pass without it!

Students nowadays have become heavily reliant on the use of ADD/ADHD medications in order to study for exams, complete homework, and take tests, in a concentrated and timely manner. The image illustrates how the use of Adderall is so depended on, that a student simply cannot pass without the use of the drug.  The use of Adderall has turned into abuse across college campuses everywhere, as students become more and more dependent on the drug in order to get ahead.

The yellow image displays a man holding a thumbs-up as pills surround him, which are allegedly Adderall pills. The man in the picture’s face is lit up for a large smile as well. In black, bold, and capital letters reads the words, “Adderall” followed by, “can’t pass without it!” While there is little to no illustration in the picture and it appears, at a first glance to be rather boring, the wording of what seems to be an advertisement for Adderall portrays deep meaning towards the topic of students relying too heavily on the use of Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medications. However what the image does not display is whether or not the man in the image is actually diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

College campuses everywhere are filled with the abusage of ADD/ADHD medications, particularly Adderall. Students without ADD or ADHD can easily find access to the drugs due to faking a diagnosis to a doctor or buying the medications from someone who does suffer from the disorders and is willing to sell the drugs in order to make a profit. After learning of the effect that the medications can have on people who are not ADD/ADHD, students become intrigued and eager to purchase the drugs in order to use them to get ahead and have to ability to study, perform, and concentrate at extreme levels. What students do not understand however, is that the medication is created strictly for people who suffer from the disorder. When taking a drug that is prescribed to someone else, the drug can have major side effects to the person and can lead to severe damage, in this case, particularly in the brain. The image does not portray the harm in taking Adderall, particularly for people who are not ADD/ADHD.

People who suffer from ADD/ADHD have a chemical imbalance that causes certain chemicals in the brain to not release the amount of chemicals needed in order to concentrate and focus like a normal person does. When someone who does have the disorders takes Adderall, a chemical overload takes place leading the person to concentrate at extreme levels. Therefore, those who actually suffer from the disorder, who are on medications, are again falling behind as more college students who are not ADD/ADHD take the drugs.

Overall, since the image does not clarify whether or not the man suffers from ADD/ADHD, it acts as a negative advertisement for the use of Adderall, by promoting the idea that one must take the drug in order to succeed in school, whether they suffer from ADD/ADHD or not.

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