Angie Fehl - The Rebel Reader: March 2012

Angie Fehl – The Rebel Reader: March 2012

The image titled Proud Lions show the importance of their role in society usually known as The King of animals, and a fundamental part of the circle of life.

In this imagine there are two majestic lions. One is facing directly straight, if you look closely it seems this animal is looking right into your eyes. This lion appears to be innocent and friendly. The second lion is facing directly to the right. This lion appears more angry and determined. The mane of these two majestic animals seemed to be soft and full, their eyes are filled with a deep red, and their ears are sticking straight up. The unique features of these creatures make it quite apparent why they are so fascinating.

They are predators but in order for a balance in the wildlife, predators are essential. They seem hungry and only willing to kill to satisfy their needs. The gold tinge around the lion’s mane illuminates the lion’s power; the rest of the background is black to focus on the lion’s dominance.

One image possesses so much power and strength. Known as the King of all  animals, these lions show leadership and dignity.

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  1. You do a good job providing evidence to support your claim about your fascination with lions. I.e. talking about how they seem to make eye contact. I think, most obviously, your main issue is that you do not have a lot of content here. It is very short. I would have loved to hear you go into more detail about the painting. It would be beneficial for you to expand on what you mean by “the King of all Animals.” You mentioned it twice but never elaborated on it. What do you mean by their “role in society?” What role is that – being a king? Why are lion’s considered kings?

    Your conclusion, “One image possesses so much power and strength. Known as the King of all animals, these lions show leadership and dignity” could use a lot of revisions. I would consider trying to use some they say/ i say templates for your thesis and drawing off that for you conclusion. What does the first sentence even mean? “One image?” …I mean, there is only one image. I sure hope you are talking about this lion one. Power and strength are good words to use here though. Ooh, so is leadership and dignity. I just wish you could expand on WHY you chose to call them leaders and such. But if you take anything away from this, take away that you have some good word choices.

    Some things that would have been cool if you covered could have been:
    -light versus the darkness
    -why there are two lions
    -why one is coming from darkness and one has light surrounding it
    -the illusion the picture gives (like a dream because it’s smudgy)
    -if you think it is the same lion facing both directions and if not why it is two lions

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