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The Logo of the Philadelphia Eagles

The Logo of the Philadelphia Eagles

This image of the Philadelphia Eagles logo represents the once powerful dynasty that is now on the verge of making its way back to the top of the NFL after a few unsatisfying seasons.

If you take the time to look at the image presented you will understand that it has a lot of meaning behind it. When I look at this image I see it as a metaphoric figure showing the strength of the Philadelphia Eagles’ once dominant dynasty. Over the existence of the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League this team has always been a force to be reckoned with. The Eagles had their most outstanding years when they went to the Super bowl in 1981 for Super Bowl XV and most recently in 2005 for Super bowl XXXIX. It seemed that after the last Super bowl appearance the team started to go downhill.

After the Philadelphia Eagles had their numerous playoff appearances and division titles the team would start to become less success every year after the 2004-2005 season. This dynasty that was thought to be one of the top teams in the league was on the downfall and nobody would have expected it. As you can tell from the image this team was not a team that was used to losing. The eagles started to make changes within the team making numerous trades and signing free agents that the thought would be great assets to the team. In the 2011 season the Eagles were declared to be the “Dream Team” and were one of the picked favorites to win the Super bowl.

Through all the hype that the fans and media gave the Eagles, you could say they lost focus and forgot what the main goal was and that was to win a championship. Numerous players started to get this attitude that everything was about them and started playing for themselves instead of the team. The Eagles even dished out large sums of money to numerous players who they were expecting to be key components to the team. Even after all the money that were given to these players they still were not producing the way they should have which led the “Dream Team” to become the biggest busts of the season. After All the expectations the Eagles ended up having one of the worst records in the NFL that year.

The Eagles are on their way back to becoming the dominate dynasty the once were. By the Eagles bringing in new coaches more players and a complete offense they will have a big impact on the league this year. In a few years when the Eagles have a little more experience with the new offense and a more chemistry between the coaches and players they will be very successful.

This image of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks to me the most. I believe that the eagles will one day be back on top of the National football League. With the time, effort, and dedication they are willing to put in I know there time will come again. This Is a perfect example of what the image is representing.

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