Making of a Legend

Imagine, Oleg Shuplyak

Oleg Shuplyak’s Imagine: A two part painting

Oleg Shuplyak’s painting Imagine illustrates musician John Lennon’s path to becoming a world famous artist. Two different stages in Lennon’s life are portrayed by this picture.

At first glance the viewer sees a large mysterious looking head in the picture with two different sides to its face.Once we delve deeper into the face it is evident that much there is much more to this  picture .On the left side of the face there is a common color theme of gold and white . Golden angel wings make up the hair on this side . A figure in white is reaching out a hand to a young boy providing him comfort. The boy at the bottom of the picture is playing guitar while looking at notes or lyrics on a table. The left side of the picture has a brighter,more appealing feeling while the left side is the opposite.

The right side of the face has a darker, more  malevolent feel to it. Black wings act as the hair and we can see that the hair and the figure in red are connected to evil. A key point about the figure in red is that it is facing away from the boy. As a result the boy appears to be  unaffected by the  darkness.  We can see that the boy’s primary focus is on playing the guitar and doesn’t seem to be  concerned with his surroundings.

Musical Artist John Lennon’s story is told in two parts by this portrait . The pieces that make up the head tell the  story of his upbringing, the boy playing guitar  represents Lennon as a child.Lennon was surrounded by heavy influences of both good and evil while he was a boy. Evil was always nearby but he was guided away from it by a guardian angel, represented by the figure in white.  The angel is metaphorical for a family member or close friend that helped him achieve his dreams. Due to strong guidance Lennon was able to tune out the darkness around him and focus on becoming a world class musician.

The second part to the story can be found when the face is analyzed as a whole.Famous musician, John Lennon is depicted by the entire face. The two sides of the face shows that Lennon lives with  both a good side and a dark side. Music offered him a remedy from his darkness and brought out the good side of him. When he would play he was able to ignore all the tragedies in his life and be joyful. Playing guitar brought Lennon back to a simpler time when he was a young boy, the one in the picture, and had much less worries.

Shuplyak used this two part painting to tell a story of how Lennon came to be a famous musician. The inner part of the face represents Lennons’ youth and path to becoming the entire face; the world renowned  musician in the Beatles.

Shuplyak, Oleg. Imagine. n.d. Mail Online. 1 October 1, 2013. n.p.

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  1. I think you did a great job with the description of the photo. I knew exactly what you were talking about and I learned what the picture was about right from the beginning. You were really descriptive.
    I think a good improvement would be a little bit more background on John Lennon. I think if you put a little more description on who John Lennon was as a musical artist, you could have a better understanding of the painting.
    Some more evidence with a reliable source is my only suggestion to you.

  2. I find this image very unique and a great choice by you. You were very detailed in your description of the painting and precise on the locations within the piece. I like how you gave us some background information John Lennon Awesome job the whole way through!
    Outside of a few minor grammar errors, that’s the only area I see fit for improvement. Also I suggest possibly giving name of that close friend or family member who contributed to the success of John Lennon.

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