American Independence: Celebrate Good Times

USA Wallpaper, 1920 x 1200,

USA Wallpaper, 1920 x 1200,

The relative image above contains different elements, which are all symbolic of one meaning. USA Wallpaper is an image representing and celebrating American independence, as well as the meaning of an expanding nation that started in 1776.

As an observer, quickly looking at this picture would lead one to the conclusion of ‘America’ or the ‘U.S’. Even though this piece features our nation defined colors (red, white & blue), the American Flag, the White House and a city far off in the background…which may be New York or Chicago; there is more. Looking at the image at first glance, it is difficult to tell what the focus of attention may be. For instance, right upfront you can see the statue of Abraham Lincoln, while the Statue of Liberty sit in the middle ground right behind it. Alongside the Statue of Liberty is the monument of the Four Founding Fathers. Between the three of these main additions, this image goes beyond just identifying a country based on a few seconds of observing.

Notice that this figure’s main attraction is the Statue of Liberty. Although it stands in the middle ground, it happens to be the largest element within the entire image. Significantly, having the four founding fathers monument adjacent to the statue informs us that this smaller piece of the image shares more meaning than its size. Also, the fireworks (hard to miss) and balloons are what puts the final touch on/decorates the symbolism of this entire piece.

As observers to the image, we can sit back and dig deeper about certain elements displayed in the bigger picture. The monument of America’s founding fathers consist of four presidents that expanded and preserved the country. Each individual has acted or have been quoted in a way that relates to independence. George Washington had a huge impact on the country and he was able to gain independence from British (much more powerful) during the American Revolutionary war. Theodore Roosevelt added to the Monroe Doctrine which wanted to free new independent nations. Abraham Lincoln once spoke, “A house divided against itself cannot stand“. This quote expressed pro independent nations. Lastly, was Thomas Jefferson who (as we all know) the main author of the Declaration of Independence. This entire picture uses these presidents to suggest that American independence had been earned through our founding fathers.

The central figure exhibits a little something extra. Using basic knowledge about the Statue of Liberty, it can be agreed that the statue holds nothing but a torch of fire in its right hand. Here in the picture we can see it holding a book, but more important is what is written on the cover of that book. On the cover it says “July IV MDCCLXXVI” which is Roman numeral for July 4, 1776. This date was the adoption of the declaration of independence. It is time where newly independent nations celebrated its independence. As for the fireworks and balloons overseeing this piece, that’s just a representation of what was celebrated and how Americans celebrate a historic day, today.

The USA Wallpaper image uses dominant American elements to portray a celebration of American Independence.

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  1. I feel that you chose an image that really represents America well. It includes all aspects in history that describe our country. I liked how you chose a quote linked to an article to prove that you have a reliable source in your background knowledge.

    Your writing piece has little to no grammatical errors. I feel that it was very well written and descriptive, including all aspects that needed to be covered in the assignment. When you described the picture, you covered in detail the meaning behind each image. You included historical evidence about the image and your own opinion in your writing. It really gives the reader a full idea of the message you are trying to get across.

    Overall, I thought your assignment was great and I can find no room for improvement. Well done!

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