Lebron James: motivated to be the best

Lebron James: motivated to be the best

LeBron James has been considered a superstar since the moment he entered the NBA, but ever since that moment he has been chasing one single dream, to be the best basketball player the game has ever seen. Nothing else matters in this image of LeBron, only him and basketball.

James is pictured seated sideways holding a basketball in such a way that even the team name that is on his jersey is hard to see. This is exactly how he wanted this picture to look. It is the lede image of an article describing LeBron’s goals of being the best basketball player in NBA history. James has so far made a clear name for himself, holding multiple MVP titles and Championship rings among many other titles, but he doesn’t stop there. LeBron has become more than just basketball. His face is pictured in hundreds of various different media outlets for many different reasons. He is the face of multiple brand names and his name alone is recognizable worldwide. But he does not want to be known for all of these things. He wants only to be known for his incredible talent in the sport of basketball. When people say LeBron James, he wants them to think about the best basketball player ever, not the guy from the Vitamin Water commercials. The image does not show his sponsors or his teammates or anything other than himself and his basketball.

The position that LeBron is sitting in the image is very characteristic of his personality and goals. Despite all of LeBron James’ overt success up to this point in his career, he is only looking forward with one thing on his mind, basketball. Although the Miami superstar is already brought up in conversations of the greatest players of all time, he of all people knows there is much more he has to do before being considered the uncontested king of NBA history. Staring into empty space unconcerned with the outside world all staring at him through the image, he ponders only what needs to be done before he can call himself the best. His face is clear and intentional and illustrates one single facet of his personality that may be the primary reason he could reach his goal; his motivation. The motivation is in his eyes, his face, his body position and his body language. He is open about his goals but his motivation is simply there.

LeBron James is always under extreme scrutiny and pressure to perform and inspire. Through the scope of a camera he expresses his passion and his solitude while remaining simple and avoiding flash. Although the media surrounds his every move, LeBron is in a world of his own where only he can accomplish his goals. All the fame in the world will mean nothing to him if he can not reach the absolute top of his profession. At this point in his career, only his motivation will bring him to the top.


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  1. Great job on analyzing the picture and connecting it back to the article it came from. I believe more description could be done on the picture itself instead of on how Lebron is viewed by society.

  2. You do a great job of describing the image and how LeBron James is seated and what the deeper meaning of it all is. You could talk more about how he became so famous and what his motivation was. Also, maybe do a paragraph just describing the image and another paragraph talking about the meaning of the image.

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