Modernity in the Middle of Nature

Modern House By The Lake In Switzerland, km Architektur

Modern House By The Lake In Switzerland, km Architektur

In the photograph of the modern house that was designed by KM Architektur in Switzerland shows how modernity can fit into nature if people work hard to make it fit and do not believe that modernity cannot interact with nature.

When looking at the photograph of the very modern house in a natural environment, one wonders how this scene is even possible. The house is made of light colored wood with large windows covering all the sides of the house. The windows allow the homeowner to enjoy a marvelous view of the Swiss mountains and Lake Walensee, which is located in the Canton of St. Gallen in northeast Switzerland.  The water is a nice cold turquoise color with little boats floating around. Across from the house, there are the Churfirsten Mountains. Mostly, there is a lot of greenery but also a lot of rock. Towards the peaks of the mountains there even lies a bit of snow. The sky is a light blue color with a few clouds floating around. Towards the mountains that are father away, there seems to be a huge pileup of darker clouds, maybe indicating there are some showers along the way. The house sits on a hill with a lot of grass, probably farmland. Further down, there is another house, but it looks more like an older house; a mountain house that is typical for Swiss farmers.

Many people believe that in today’s society, nothing is good for the environment anymore. They also think that with all the construction and the creation of new buildings, most of nature will be lost forever. The photograph, on the other hand, clearly displays that nature is still out there and can coexist with our modern society. Making the house so completely modern emphasizes the act of nature and modernity or our society coming together as one. Switzerland does a great job of trying to keep nature how it is and not destroying it or bombarding it with construction. The Swiss are also very eco-friendly, which is quite an advantage when attempting to keep the environment the way it should be.

The modern house that was designed by KM Architektur is located on a Swiss mountain in the middle of nature. The Walensee Lake is at the bottom in the valley and the Churfirsten Mountains are surrounding the blue lake. The scenery is very peaceful and energizing. There are blue skies with a few clouds and there is a lovely view of the mountains and the lake. This photograph represents how our modern society still has the ability to focus on nature and not completely build all over the place. It is possible for modernity to meet nature. The house is modern and the surroundings are natural.

KM Architektur. “Modern House By The Lake In Switzerland.” Photograph. iDesignArch. 2010-2013. Web. 1 Oct. 2013. 

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  1. Bettina, you did a great job with you analysis section about how nature and modern meet together. My suggestion for you is that your thesis is too analytical and not actually observant. A future improvement would be to focus more on what the actual description of the piece is and not bring in a lot of background context. My suggestion is to try to separate your interpretations and observations. Other than that great job!

  2. Bettina that was well written and good description of the photograph. You argue a point that many things are bad for the environment and lead the reader to believe you are going to explain that the house is green and beneficial. I do like how you pointed out that we can build around society than destroy it.

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