Jeune Fille Endormie- Sydney Harris

Jeune fille endormie Pablo Picasso

Jeune Fille Endormie- Pablo Picasso- 3 Feb 1935

The bold colors and intimate situation in Jeune Fille Endormie by Pablo Picasso show the love and consuming passion that Picasso possessed for his young lover, Marie-Thérèse.

The women in the painting is colored in bold colors. She is yellow, blue, green, purple and red. The brush strokes are full and passionate. They are very confident and lovely. In the background there is a simple design and dull colors. The only color besides brown and rust in the background is a light blue that draws the eyes towards the women.

The woman is sleeping and looks very peaceful. The entire canvas is just her head and arms. The painting is completely full with her image. She position she is in makes her seem very innocent. Her eyes are closed but turned upwards so she seems happy. The vibrant colors that she is painted in makes her seem full of joy even in her slumber.

This painting was made during a tryst Picasso had with his teenage lover Marie-Thérèse. He was dealing with his highly socially ambitious wife who was a ballerina and pushing him into high society. The stark contrast between his wife and his lover caused his emotions to be all consuming with Marie-Thérèse. The colors that he painted her in show the happiness he felt in her presence. As well the youthful innocence of the basic colors represent her virtue and bliss in his presence.

The fact that she is the main focus of the painting shows how he could not take his eyes off her when she was in the room. She is the only object in the painting, which shows that she is the only thing on his mind.

He painted her in a sensual and intimate resting position demonstrating the close relationship they had. This painting shows the happiness and joy he felt in her presence and the delight in finding out that she was with child.

Marie-Thérèse was a dream for Pablo Picasso. She was his breath of fresh air during a stifling marriage. She was fun, happy and more then half his age. All the paintings of her are bright and colorful they are full of joy. The thrilling and intense love he had for her is palpable though this painting.

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  1. Right off the bat your thesis was very clear and concise and got right the point nicely. It also summed up the idea of your post very well. From there your descriptions of the painting were vivid and seemed to capture the emotion of the image well. You did a nice job of giving enough background on Picasso to understand and feel his emotions, but not too much that it overpowered the post. There were points were you became a little repetitive in the descriptions, but overall very nice analysis of Picasso’s image.

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