Capturing Paris


The beauty of Paris at sunset.

Thomas Kinkade’s Paris Eiffel Tower captures energy and life of the simple yet indescribable beauty of Paris at sunset.

This painting clearly shows a small section of Paris. There are boats sitting in the water, moving towards the bridge. Alongside the glistening body of water is a sidewalk leading into a small section of the town. The ground looks as it is had just rained. Some people are walking towards the cafes, while others are sitting over looking the water. The colors that are used in the painting create the lights that are lighting up the bridge and streets. Because it is sunset, the light from the sky is reflected on the water and streets in addition to the other lights from the town. All the light creates a distinct glow, showing off all the natural beauty that Paris holds.

In the distance is the Eiffel Tower sitting in the skyline, as well as many buildings. The Eiffel Tower sitting in the sky line stands out in the painting because of the soft pastel colors that are used to create the sky and sunset. The tower is above the body of water which is flowing towards the tower. The combination of the water, streets, cafes, and Eiffel Tower mixed with the sunset, all come together to create the beauty that Paris holds that can not be described in words.

Paris is one of the most traveled to cities in the world, which is why the artist wanted to capture energy in his painting. People are always talking, painting and learning about Paris. This painting looks at Paris in a different way than most other paintings that are created. Most artists’ focus on creating paintings of The Eiffel Tower and other famous landmarks in Paris, however; Kinkade went about it in a different way. He focused more of the mood and energy of Paris while adding in the element of The Eiffel Tower. He captured the indescribable beauty of the city by using the bright colors to add a warm feeling of excitement.

The painting takes Paris and emphasizes on its energy through the colors of paints. Bright lights and then sunset are captured with whites and yellows making elements in the painting pop and glisten off of other elements. The water, street, and cafes all pop out because they are bright compared to other parts of the painting such as the people. Because of the lights and darks, the mood is set and distinct elements in the painting become alive. Even by using lighter and more faded colors to capture The Eiffel Tower in the background it draws in the observer. Kinkade wanted to show the life and beauty that Paris offers through light.

Overall, the painting is a great example of the life and beauty that Paris as to offer. Paris is a city that must be seen to understand how beautiful and special it really is, though this picture does to a very good job of capturing its actual beauty and energy.

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  1. This piece started very nicely with the opening sentence. It captured the beauty of the picture as well as the life that seems to come though the caves. I especially liked your paragraph about how well traveled Paris is and how this painting breathed new life into a highly represented city. Overall I really enjoyed your blog post.

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