King of Ambition- “King of randomeness”

K-drama, King of Ambition (Yawang)

Although King of Ambition has an audience rating of twenty-seven percent, the nihility ending plot left much to be desired. A recording of an important conversation proves the misdeed of the past and is displayed instead of planning a complicated plot to reveal the truth and far-fetched conclusion.

The plot of the 24 episodes of the drama mainly portrays both characters’ conspiracies of revenge and their intense inner conflict and lingering attachment between these two characters based on their past relationship. The main character is Joo Da-hae, an ambitious woman, born into poverty. Besides her, Ha Ryu, who falls in love with Da-hae in an orphanage. He always does whatever is best for Da-hae; he even takes Da-hae’s murder charge, and he works day and night to earn money for her. However, as time goes on, Da-hae changes, cheats on him, loses their daughter, Eun-byul, and tries to be a wife of a Chaebol. After taking all of this abuse from her, Ha Ryu’s plans revenge on Da-hae by becoming a CEO of a Chaebol group. Without a doubt, Da-Hae forms a conspiracy against anyone who hinders her plans, killing people or causing them severe trouble.

Even though the plot of King of Ambition is full of fictitious, over dramatic conspiracy, it still attracts an audience because the conspiracy plot that both characters plan is sophisticated and intense. In example, Da-hae set a bomb in the car to kill Ha Ryu, but instead, it kills her husband Do-hoon. Furthermore, she is still able to hide her crime in episode 17. However, compared to the previous episodes, the last few episodes of this drama seem rushed and riffle. Ha Ryu uses his cellular phone to record the conversation between him and Da-hae in order to reveal two of her murder stories to the public. This plot is cliché and the fact that the series portrays this as a successful revenge tactic is actually pathetic. He spent a significant amount of time planning his retaliation, for instance tempting a daughter of Chaebol to use her authority and plan for other crimes. Why has he not used this simple method to get revenge on Da-hae before?

Furthermore, besides Ha Ryu’s pathetic final revenge, the last episode focus on regaining Da-hae’s innocent and sweet girl image by bringing up her childhood. Why? She has been vicious and evil this entire drama but now, at the end, the writers randomly strive to show Da-hae’s “original nature was a sweet girl” characteristic. Their efforts in order to make the audience have sympathy through overlapping her grown up evil characteristic with her innocent childhood seems too late to pull out at the end. For a clear conclusion for this drama, remaining Da-hae’s character as vicious and evil is better than trying to force the audience to get sympathy. Da-hae character has always been portrayed as ambitious and evil, changing it at the end was a mistake.

If the ending of King of Ambition had concluded with a sophisticated planned final revenge and did not include far-fetched and random recollection, then the audience would have evaluated this series as a high quality drama that better matched the audience rating.

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