Does the image of a hefty black woman affect how people perceive them in terms of appearance?


In today’s society many black women especially hefty black women are criticized for being too “fat” and not accepted as individuals who can be beautiful. This has to do with the fact that men only desire women who have the amazing body, good looks and how attractive they are.

In the show Comics Unleashed, the comedian Monique was invited to talk about something that was on her mind. Because the concept on the show had no restrictions she could speak on anything she wanted to. Monique decided to talk about big women and how they are not considered as beautiful people or individuals who could be models. In many of her stand up comedies, Monique expresses many of the stereotypes that heavy women are put through and how they must put up with so much negativity from men who prefer the “skinny” and very attractive women like the ones on swimsuit covers of magazines. At the same time she encourages those women who are hefty to be proud of their image, be optimistic about life, and demonstrate that a hefty woman is just as beautiful and sexy as a skinny woman.

In Comics Unleashed, Monique decides to talk about the fact that hefty black women are not gracing their presence on magazines such as Playboy. She addresses all fat women in the audience made a reference to the seasons. From Fall to Spring fat black can keep their men protected. Monique really stressed the importance of appreciating the beauty of the black women who is fat. She said that fat women are just as capable of being in covers of Playboy magazines as women who are skinny and people will still buy the magazines. Monique decided to give an example of the potential pose that she would use if she were to be asked to pose for Playboy magazine. She concluded by saying that if a fat black women was to grace the cover of Playboy, then Hugh Hefner would sell more magazines than he ever did in his life.

My interpretation of the clip with the comedian Monique was that she was right to address the issue on black women not being praised for their appearance. It is important that people know that appearance goes beyond having the best body or being skinny. No matter what size a woman is beautiful in every way. What really intrigued me about Monique’s talk was sending a message to Hugh Hefner about inviting her to do a photo shoot for Playboy. She used her courage to let him know that plus size models are needed in the industry and that without them, his magazine will not sell as well. In my opinion I truly admired and appreciated Monique for standing up for the hefty women and taking into account that they are just as beautiful and attractive as skinny girls.

In conclusion, today’s society puts a heavy burden on hefty black women’s appearance because they don’t necessary fit the mold of what a woman should look like, skinny and attractive. Monique took that burden and made people realize that these women are also beautiful and attractive.

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