Has fame changed SHINee?


SHINee in 2008


SHINee at a recent interview

The K-Pop Group SHINee has recently been noticed for having a changed look and persona than when they first burst on to the K-Pop scene.

SHINee debuted in May of 2008, and was formed by SM Entertainment. Their first single, Replay, was a success and SHINee has been dominating the charts and their fan base ever since. In a recent interview, the boys themselves stated that initially they used to be very energetic and overtly friendly towards fans. They would always great them eagerly and try to meet as many fans as possible. Now, they say, they are more relaxed and will just casually say hi to some of their fans as they pass.The K-Pop Group SHINee has recently been noticed for having a changed look and persona than when they first burst on to the K-Pop scene.

You can see in the first picture of SHINee (taken in 2008) that they are all wearing black and looking very posed and forced. None of them look very natural in this photo, and their expressions all seem to be artificial. In my opinion, they look more like 5 separate artists as opposed to one cohesive group. In the second picture (taken at their recent interview) the members of SHINee all look incredibly relaxed and upbeat. They all seem perfectly comfortable sitting around and laughing with each other. Their clothing is more natural looking and they are no longer wearing all black.

I think that it is great that SHINee is changing and evolving as a group. It is only natural that after five years of performing together the boys would be more comfortable, not only around each other, but also with their fame as a whole. In the first picture, one of the first things that I noticed was that they are all wearing black and four out of the five of them are not looking at the camera. One possible explanation for this is that they wanted to be seen as more of a blank slate in their early days. When they were initially starting out, they couldn’t have known what the fans would like or dislike about them, so it is a smart move to play it safe and be seen as a group of blank slates. That way SM Entertainment could mold them into what the audiences most wanted to see.

It is clear that now, in 2013, SHINee has come into their own as a group. They are all wearing different outfits, most likely because throughout the years their individual personalities have come out more and more. Not only have they stated that they are more relaxed with their fans, but you can see it in their body language and outward appearance. Instead of the forced look that we saw in 2008 they all look like they are having lots of fun hanging out and laughing together.

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