Infusion of Western “EDM” in “I Got A Boy”

EDM - Zedd

EDM – Zedd

SNSD- I Got A Boy

SNSD- I Got A Boy

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With Girls Generation‘s new release of their new album and single, both entitled “I Got A Boy,” we can start to see an infusion of EDM. EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has recently become a craze in Western music, and it seems now it has moved into K-Pop.

The new cover title song I Got A Boy by Girls Generation has a very different vibe than most of the female K-Pop group work that I have heard of in the past month or so. As the Western “pop” world is changing dynamics, and moving to a mix between the pop culture that has been successful, and infusing electronic dance music (EDM) to give a more “club-like” atmosphere to the music. It seems that K-pop isn’t far behind this change in trend. I Got A Boy has many different vibes, and BPM (Beats per minutes), which is typical of EDM pop music. They move between roughly three different scenarios throughout the music video: with the ‘boy,’ in a urban outdoor dance scene, and a slowed down forceful and emotional section.

In the video of I Got A Boy we see very different scenes, outfits and presentation styles. It starts out as a ‘bubbly,’ and for lack of a better word ‘girly.’ Then it breaks out into the ‘known too well’ choreography of K-pop, where all of the members dance in unison, dressed in my opinion like over-agressive rappers. But all of that aside, I think that the addition of EDM was an interesting move for the group, and was ultimately a good move for SM Entertainment. I think that the executives at SM Entertainment have seen the success that pop music that is infused with EDM has worked well in the Western markets and they felt that it would and should work in the K-Pop industry.

Having talked about the influence of Western culture on the Korean music industry in my Korean Wave class, I would have to say that this example fits perfectly into those discussions. They have taken what they have seen to be working in the other markets, and simply applied it to their marketing and “business” scheme, in regards to how they are going to portray their clients. In this instance, especially  in the music video, it gave the group a bit of edge, from the ‘girly’ image that they portrayed the group with at the start of the video. It also take another turn in the video when the tempo of the song slows down and then one of the singers says “Don’t stop, let’s bring it back to 140.” Here she is talking about the BPM (beats per minute) and 140, is a pretty up tempo song.

Not being an expert on the K-Pop industry, I feel that using the techniques that work in the Western industries has proven to be effective and will continue to be. Also, if K-Pop groups want to become more ‘global’ than they are already, then they will continue down this path.




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