Hyuna and her “Ice Cream”

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Hyuna – Ice Cream MV

Every K-pop fan is probably familiar with Hyuna and her over-30-million-view music video Ice CreamThough making a wave on YouTube, the video is inappropriate for teen viewers not only because of its sexually suggestive content but also of the way it portrays how women socialize and communicate with men.

Hyuna appears in the video as a sexy owner of the ice cream truck. She wears eye-catching clothes that show enough of her body to make viewers know that she is attractive. During the video, there are so many sexually charged images in which Hyuna is the center of them all: She keeps having her finger in her mouth while making seductive faces; she sprays a great amount of ice cream to the male protesters in slow motion; she dances on a male dancer’s bottom and she is on the floor, rubs soap bubbles on herself slowly with the camera zooming on her breasts. All of these images automatically lead viewers to think of the metaphoric meaning of ice cream, not the literal ice cream as a refreshing dessert.

Moreover, Hyuna also acts as a bad girl in this video. At the beginning of the video, when she is making her way to the crowd of the protesters  she accidentally hits a clown, who is trying to sell cotton candies to the protesters  by her ice cream truck. She is only surprised for about three seconds and then smiles, waves to the clown: “I’m so sorry!” Then the crowd of protesters goes back to how it was originally. The male protesters even go crazy about Hyuna’s appearance and surround her.

For teenagers, a big population of K-pop lovers, the shameless actions that Huyna does in her video is too much. Imagining a 12 or 13-year-old girl who just starts seeing changes in her both physically and mentally watches this video. What she can get out of this video is that because Hyuna dresses with see-through clothes and makes sexy moves with her body, she is able to be popular and be the center of attention and attention is a common want of most teenagers. Also, according to Ice Cream, hitting a person with a truck, or in other words, manslaughter, is not a bad thing. Why? Because after hitting the clown, Huyna just need to say sorry to the clown and she is still followed by a lot of the male protesters  The men even mob the ice cream on the floor for her, make her a queen. Is that what people would want to see their young daughters look upon and do? Definitely not!

Hyuna’s video also sets out a wrong standard for how women should socialize with men. In the video, Hyuna is the girl who uses sex appeal to get approval and appreciation from the men. This makes viewers, especially female viewers, think that they have to be as eye-catching as Huyna or no man would follow them.

Now is the time of freedom of expression but maybe Hyuna might want to think of making more appropriate music videos for her songs so that international viewers can actually have a more positive understanding of her songs while they cannot understand the lyrics.


Hyuna Ice Cream Wallpaper. 2013


HYUNA- “Ice Cream” (Official Music Video), You Tube

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