BigBang are Talented and Memorable but Not Rebellious

BigBang's members showcasing their unique personalities through fashion

 BigBang’s members showcasing their unique personalities through fashion
BigBang. 2012. BigBang Updates. Web. 2 March 2013.

BigBang’s music video Fantastic Baby is a pop music video that embodies the feel of the rebellious youth. Every segment of the music video, focuses on establishing the sense that these five pop stars are fighting the system to provide the public with their unique style and music.

The first segment has one of the members of BigBang sitting on a throne with long flowing orange hair in a unique white and black alternating suit. Each of the members is introduced quickly in the opening sequence before the focus goes to a riot. This riot can only be described as people wearing white storm trooper helmets that are rioting for the right to listen to music against those with black storm trooper helmets. It is clear they want music. How do I know this? Because on the black storm trooper’s shields it is clearly written that music is forbidden in english. In fact much of music video has a clear western (probably American) influence.

From the lyrics that are interspersed with English lyrics perfectly exemplified with the chorus “I want to dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, fantastic baby,” to the word “fantastic” written in the background in the last segment of the music video. BigBang is potentially focusing on a larger audience rather than just Korea. It appeals to American audiences because it sounds so similar to American dance music. The chorus is easy to remember because it is only three words, which is the same as American dance music as well. While BigBang’s main audience are Koreans, there is the potential for cross over with this song.

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The distinct look of each member is also helpful because it creates the sense that each individual in BigBang has their own fashion sense and personality. This is always dangerous when dealing with pop groups with multiple people, and BigBang has succeeded in creating a  music video that is visually catchy without the usual dance sequence that is often seen in Korean popular music. There is a segment that features a member simply sitting, covered in tattoos, surrounded by white storm trooper helmet monks. That will not easily be forgotten.

There is the sexual element as well, with one member having scratches all over his body seemingly caused by the girls rubbing their hands all over his body (who are wearing kitty ears). Basically, BigBang has all of their bases covered in this music video in regards to audience appeal.

All of the ideas I have discussed contribute to making BigBang’s Fantastic Baby an incredibly successful music video with almost 64 million views. However, these are also the things that make it clear that BigBang is not rebellious. In fact, they are doing anything to be memorable, sexual, and reach as broad of an audience as possible to get as many views as they can. It is probably beneficial to appear to be five rebellious men with unique style and a unique message, but in fact they are a pop group that understands what it takes to be successful. And what’s so wrong with that?

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