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The NCAA needs to incorporate a playoff system in order to ensure fairness that prevents companies from making money off of college students by using them for their athletic abilities and to create an undisputable national champion. The current BCS system is CORRUPT, reformation MUST be made!

Division one football athletes are constantly being left out of the national championship game, though they have won every game on their respected schedules. In 2009, Texas, Alabama, Cincinnati, Boise State, and Texas Christian all went undefeated in their regular season games. However, because of the current BCS system three out of the five teams (Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State) didn’t have a chance to play in the national championship game. This left these respected programs with a bitter taste in their mouths, and left wondering if they could have won the national championship if there was a playoff system.

Numerous college football fans like Rick Strom and Ben Mank, who are shown in the following video, show complete disgust for the BCS system, as it continues to show its flaws year in and year out. This video was talking about the 2011-2012 division one college football.

After hearing that, it is evident that college football teams can’t afford to loose a single game in order to even have the chance of making the National Championship Game. This leads to pressure on players like Armond Armstead, who was one of the top players for the USC football team in the year of 2011-2012. The 6’5, 295 pound football player was injected with painkillers throughout the entire season to numb his pain and continue on in his hard fought games throughout the season. After the season was over he endured chest pain and soon enough in March 2011 he was struck by a sudden heart attack.

Ensuing the heart attack, Armond claimed this heart attack was because of all the painkillers that were injected in his body throughout the season. He had a dreamed of playing in the NFL and because of this heart attack, his dream was crushed.

The example is a prime reason as to how NCAA football colleges take advantage of their players in order to have a successful season. This is often found because football teams cannot afford to loose a single game. Because of the current postseason system, teams often cannot loose a single game in order to be considered for the championship game. This constant fear of loosing a game leads teams to act inhumane in order to achieve the dream of winning a national championship.

One of the most important reasons in these hearings is the fact that the bowl system has created massive amounts of revenue for not only BCS schools, but also non-BCS schools. Peter Josh states “(The bowl system) created over 230 million dollars in the 2009-2010-bowl season alone.” With all this money being generated it is tough for the NCAA to get all schools and supporting advertisers to agree to abandon the successful system. Not only that, but it is easy for the participating institutions of this system to create large amounts of revenue by selling player merchandise.

Though some schools make millions a year off of advertising and selling their teams merchandise, the player don’t see a single penny out of this, and if they do then there are serious repercussions. For an example, in 2009 AJ Green, a receiver for Georgia University at the time, sold one of his game jerseys for $1000.


After the NCAA found about this, they suspended AJ for four games in the ensuing season. The reason why this is flawed is because Georgia University was selling over 40 different variations of his jersey, accumulating mass amounts of revenue selling jerseys with his name on it. AJ didn’t receive a penny after the institution make thousands. This is just one example of how the BCS system as a whole exploits their student athletes and makes millions on their success.

The reformation of the NCAA division one football postseason is apparent, and needs to be changed immediately. Year in and year out, there are many undefeated teams that win every game on their schedule, but don’t have a chance to represent their institutions in the National Champion Game. The BCS system as a whole exploits players and teams in order to create revenue for themselves.

The system doesn’t have any regard for the safety of college student athletes, its number one priority is so create the maximum amount of money. Players are under constant pressure to preform the best possible and are risking their physical health in order to achieve this. By playing well institutions can created thousands of revenue based off of the success of even just one player. Though players have the capability to create this wealth, they do not see any of it because of the regulations the NCAA system has.

In conclusion to this, the reformation of the postseason is NEEDED in order to keep the safety of players and to find the proven national champion! litt091223color

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