Poverty on the Streets








This image shows a man laying down, possibly sleeping, on bricks that seem to surround some sort of small garden. We see a street, houses, a parking garage, and cars. The man has nothing with him except the clothes on his back. He looks slightly disheveled and dirty.  It looks dim and cloudy, and there aren’t too many people on the street. Maybe it is early morning. This doesn’t seem like a typical place for someone to be napping, but we clearly see this man comfortably resting.


If we interpret this picture is seems safe to make the assumption that this seemingly normal city street may be his temporary home. He has nothing with him, and most people don’t usually decide to take a nap on an unknown stoop in the middle of a public place. Poverty is something that thrives especially in cities; you can see the wealthiest of people brushing shoulders with someone who has absolutely nothing to their name but what they carry. A city resident would not be phased if they passed this scene that was boldly captured. From my knowledge I think I can say with a good amount of confidence that this was taken in New York City. It is one of the best cities in the world, but it is littered with poverty. It is hard to go a day without seeing poverty on the streets. This photo accurately expresses one of the popular forms of poverty seen in New York City today.