Early Operation


Health problems plague people in all walks of life, even if they’ve just begun.

The image above by William DeShazer shows a baby in, what looks like, intensive care. Behind the infant is a light blue blanket with an array of animals and welcoming words. There are tubes and chords coming from every direction, all centered around a seemingly confused new-born. There is a large piece of gauze held down by transparent adhesive plastic. Another child-freindly blanket, complete with colorful images, is used to cover the child. On the front-left side of the baby, there is a teddy bear that is almost as large as the child in the center of the photograph. There is a green bow in the dark-brown hair of the baby. A rectangular monitor of some sort is attached to the child’s forehead with letters and numbers scrawled across it.

By interpreting the image, we one can conclude by the bow in the child’s hair that it is a girl. The tubes and chords surrounding the new-born are probably there to keep her alive. The gauze on her chest indicate an operation has been done, possibly on the heart. The blankets behind and on top of the baby are there most-likely for warmth and comfort. The teddy bear to the child’s left is there to keep the child company (seeing as she can’t tell the difference) and is quite possibly the first stuffed animal she has received. Judging by the hair-bow, blankets, and teddy bear, the child in the center of this photo has a family who cares a great deal about her. Because she is a new-born baby, she has absolutely no idea what is happening around her, which shows in here innocent and confused stare.
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