Freedom of Speech with No Filter

Beekun, Rafik. Islam= Nazism. 11 Nov. 2008. The Islamic Workplace. Web. 1 Nov. 2008.

Today, Muslims are insulted by harsh slander that makes American Muslims uncomfortable in their own country.

The picture above shows a rectangular shaped postcard or bumper sticker. The sticker is hanging on a postcard holder in a store and you can see someone browsing them in the background. The sticker is completely white with one word spelled in red on it. The word spells “Islam” but instead of the letter “s” there is a Nazi symbol. There are words underneath the word Islam but they are too small to read in the picture.

The Nazi symbol being intertwined in the spelling of the world Islam is seemingly equating Islam with Nazism. The holocaust was one of the most devastating genocides in world history. The group behind it, the Nazi’s, has become one of the most despised organization that many nations including the United States regret tolerating. Now, people are relating Islam to Nazi’s saying that the religion of Islam and Muslims are a disturbing and corrupt religion that should not be tolerated.

This picture shows Muslim segregation and stereotyping at it’s best. Relating Muslims to Nazi followers is a serious insult that I’m sure hurt and scarred many Muslims. If I were a Muslim living in America and I saw that, I would feel so uncomfortable in my own home knowing my fellow citizens view me the same way they viewed Nazis: as corrupt, unwanted and cruel extremists. This is a perfect example of extreme Muslim discrimination; freedom of speech needs to have a filter.

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  1. The comparison between Nazism and an entire religion is an interesting concept. Your curation could be strengthened if you went into detail about what people seem to hate about the Muslim religion. Are there certain philosophies or traditions that people disapprove of? Then you could see if these criticisms are similar to those against Hitler and Nazism. Overall, well done! Your topic is very interesting.

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