Crazy For You!


This picture is from the Gershwin musical Crazy For You. In this picture the first thing that draws the observer’s attention is the colors. The bright pinks grab your attention right up front and then we start to notice the blues and other colors in the background. Because the colors are so bright, one might notice the contrast of the black suit on the man in front. There is also a marquis in the upper right-hand corner with lights all around it and bold letters spelling out “ZANGLER.” On the left side of the picture there is a simple streetlamp. All of the girls in the picture appear to be striking a pose and have interesting facial expressions as they are leaning into the center. The man in the picture almost has a look of concern on his face. His hands are out in front of him as well.

The costumes and bright colors being worn by the girls in the picture might indicate that they are showgirls or performers. Since they are all leaning in towards the man in the center, we can assume that he is the focal point of this picture and this performance going on. They all seem very intent on listening to what he has to say and are reacting to it in different ways. The marquis in the background might indicate that they are in some kind of city and that there is a show going on. This would make sense since there are what appear to be showgirls in the picture. The light on the left side of the picture suggests that they are probably outside. Since the man is wearing a suit, we can assume that he is not a part of this show that is happening and that he probably works for a company or some kind. Since he has a look of concern on his face that might mean that he is in a state of conflict.  Having his hands out in front of him is probably just his way of conveying some point or something he wants to say.

This picture happens to be from the musical Crazy For You and is in the middle of the song Can’t Be Bothered now. The story behind this musical is that a New York banker by the name of Bobby Child, who has to go to Deadrock, Nevada to find out about a theater that hasn’t been paying their mortgage.  When he gets there, he meets a girl named Polly and falls in love. Bobby would do anything for Polly; including help her put on a show to save the theater. However, she becomes frustrated with Bobby because he is from the bank trying to take her theater away and he has to become Bela Zangler in order to be around her and impress her. While under the disguise, Polly starts to fall for Zangler. It is a wild comedy, which is easily portrayed through the wild costume, and fun colors in the picture.



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your curation on Crazy for You. It was insightful and accurate to the show. Even after carefully analyzing your post I found no information that needed to be added; however, a little more detail could only serve to strengthen your curation. All in all, I think your post hits Crazy for You right on the nose. Great job!

  2. This is a great curation. You did a great job of describing the picture in detail so the reader could picture it without having seen it. Also, in your analysis I think you did a great job of considering all possible meaning and symbols the picture could represent. Overall, you did a great job of analyzing the picture and describing what is going on at that moment of the play. Good job!!

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