Through Hell and Back

Navy SEALs Training-Helps to Be a Zombie During Hell Week? Digital image. U.S. Military. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Nov. 2012. <;.

This image represents the physical and mental hardships that soldiers endure during BUD/S training in order to become a Navy SEAL.

The image shows three men lying down with white water rushing over their heads.  These men appear to be fairly young and in good shape judging from their muscles and bulky appearance. They are not fully submerged in the water because wet sand can be seen between the middleman and the man to his left, which means that they are lying down in the shallow part of the water near the beach. All three men are linked together by their arms and have their eyes closed with pained expressions on their faces. The middleman, who is essentially the center of the image because of his relative size to the others, has his mouth open.  The men are wearing white shirts that appear to be soaked in water and dirty because they do not look very white. The middleman is wearing army camouflage pants which are probably worn by the other two men as well as part of a uniform of sorts.

From the image the viewer is given the impression that these men are in pain or extreme discomfort. Their faces clearly show that the water that is rushing over them during each incoming wave is extremely cold. Based on the army camouflage and physical fitness of the men the viewer can assume that they are soldiers or in the process of becoming soldiers. The reason for the matching attire is that it is required for them all to wear the same thing and not have long sleeves, or waterproof clothing in order to fully experience the cold of the water.  The viewer can imply that these men are going through a training program of some sort. Their arms are linked because the goal of training, while primarily intended on preparing a soldier for success in battle, also focuses on the aspect of teamwork. These men are going through the same rigorous training and are doing it as a team which builds a sense of brotherhood and dependence on each other which will come in handy on missions in the future.

This image was taken during the Navy SEAL BUD/S training’s “Hell Week”. The BUD/S training is notorious for its mental and physical taxation of human ability and the most difficult part of the program is “Hell Week” where soldiers get an average of four hours of sleep per night and run/swim multiple miles each day. The objective is to rout out the weak from the strong in order to choose the best possible candidates for the prestigious Navy SEALs. The “Hell Week” is part of the 1st leg of training and the most memorable for any Navy SEAL who has endured it.

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  1. I definitely enjoyed your topic of training, and i also like the way you described the environment they are in. The description of the purpose of teamwork and the point of training building character and brotherhood was spot on. I would have maybe focused a little more on the training program itself, i feel like that would have drawn the audience in. The difficulty of the training is the “AHHH” factor of this subject. I have enjoyed all your work on navy seals and what they do for our country.

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