Short Cuts

There are parents today that make short cuts in parenting that have harmful effects in the long run for their children’s health. Just because fast food is convenient, inexpensive, and begged for by children, doesn’t mean that it is in any way beneficial past the initial primal need for food.

The central focus of the cartoon is the oversized baby who appears to be shouting or crying. Behind the baby to the right is a soft drink that is even larger than the baby itself. His left hand rests comfortably on a giant chicken nugget and his right hand is reaching eagerly for the jumbo size carton of fries that his eyes are fixated on. Holding the fries and offering them willingly is a man who appears to be the baby’s father. Next to the man is the baby’s mother who stands with her hands clasped looking lovingly at her enormous offspring.

There’s no doubt that the parents portrayed in this cartoon don’t have love and affection for their baby but I would doubt that they are thinking about how their short cut choices are going to damage their child’s health forever. Fast food is easy to get and easy to feed to any child. Have you ever met a kid that turned down a chicken nugget? But fast food isn’t an easy habit to kick once a kid figures out how much more delicious a french-fry is than a carrot stick. The baby in this cartoon is so large to imply that the way that he is being fed is going to affect him in the long run. With his parents extremely on board to feed him fast food, the baby will most likely become obese assuming he’s not about to start running track at 24 months or have an extremely fast metabolism. The artist’s inclusion of the parents in the image implies that it is parents fault that children eat what they do. If it was just a baby eating fast food, the artist could have been blaming society for making fast food such a staple in our lives. However, this cartoon is clearly a stab at the parents who choose to take the short cut in raising their children and overlook the importance of a nutritious and balanced diet.

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  1. Lindsay,

    Nice job with this curation. you keep on getting better with each curation which is awesome to see as your peer editor. One of the things that I think you might want to add onto is the idea that one of the major symbols i noticed from the small parents is that they are almost powerless once the cycle begins. Nobody is going to starve their kid once they are hooked, and who wants to deal with all the crying and temper tantrums that kids throw? While the parents started it, the kid only perpetuates it.

    Overall great job though!

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