New Poverty to come

Grieser, Justin. “Washington Post.” Washington Post. (2012): 1. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. <;.

This image represents the sudden change of a comfortable life to homeless.

This picture takes place after Hurricane Sandy just hit. This picture is in Mantoloking, New Jersey. There is just one man, who is distressed with his hands on his head. It is clear he is shaken by the views he sees. He is situated on a bridge. He is dressed is a life vest, work jeans, boots and a sweatshirt. Behind him is the destruction of the Hurricane. There is full wooden boards, and planks from the wreckage of the houses.  All parallel to this man is debris from the houses. In front of the man there are trees. you can tell the trees are’nt supposed to be there because they are in water and they are lying against the bridge. In the far background you see the bridge end because it is met by water, meaning it is flooded. Also down the background further is an isolated house surrounded by water. To the left of that house are other houses surrounded by water and no clear road or terrain in sight. On the right side of the background there is another flooded house, but with all sorts of debris on its’ porch. To the right of that house you see the rest of the houses, which are the most flooded. These houses have water up to their roofs, and the man is primarily focusing on those houses. There is just one giant body of water, which is not supposed to be there.

We can interpret this image as a surprise. The man’s reaction tells us that he is shocked about the damage of this Hurricane. We can infer that one of these houses is his, and he is devistated that his neighborhood is destroyed. All the debris behind the man means that the hurricane did a lot of damage and will take a lot of time and money to clean up. Also you can infer that since you can’t see any streets or exit off the bridge, families won’t have access to their homes for a while. This man was used to having a house and now he is completely homeless along with hundreds of other people on his beach. The man has a life vest on because the conditions of his town are dangerous. It most likely was a risk for him to be there since there is no define roads. So, there must of been a possibility of him falling in the water because of him wearing a life vest. Also since the trees are lying up against the bridge, the trees must of been carried there by the Hurricane because that is not their original spot. Lastly only the man is in the photo, meaning that no authorities responded fast enough to this Hurricane, and that the homeowners were more worried than the government. All in all this images shows how a natural disaster can suddenly make a family homeless, and putting people near poverty’s way who never thought they would be in that position.