Woman Facing Poverty: Food Shelters to the Rescue

Platt, Spencer. Poverty in Deposit, New York. Digital image. Businessweek.com. N.p., 12 Sept. 2012. Web. 1 Nov. 2012.              <http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-09-12/record  u-dot-s-dot-poverty-rate-holds-as-inequality-grows>.

This image demonstrates how those in poverty rely on food shelters and have no stable shelter or belongings.

This image by Spencer Platt portrays a women walking back from a food bank in Deposit, New York. She is older looking maybe in her mid 50’s slouched down rolling a wagon behind her filled with food and canned goods from the local food bank. She is wearing an oversized dark t-shirt with shorts and sandals. Her posture provides us with detail about how she is feeling about her current situation. We can assume she doesn’t live in a very stable home and probably doesn’t have transportation because she is walking with all of her food in a wagon. This woman seems to be surrounded by cars and only a few people but she keeps her head down so she is not making eye contact with those around her.  The shadow on the pavement from her wagon can let us infer that it is a hot summer day and without transportation she is forced to walk in the heat. This woman seems older so walking in the heat with this wagon full of food is probably a hardship she must face very often.

If we interpret the image, the woman’s posture says a lot about how she is feeling about her current situation. She is isolated and seems to not have a spouse or someone to turn to. With all of the food in the wagon, we can predict that she probably takes few trips to this food pantry so she doesn’t have to walk home in the heat wheeling around all of her food in a wagon. The wagon is all beat up and the area surrounding her doesn’t seem to be a nice area. It seems like a rural area because there a few trees in the distance and the road is almost unpaved and all beaten up. The woman is all-alone and she probably lives by herself with no family or anyone to turn to. This woman can probably not even live on the side of the street let alone own a home with a family.

This older woman looks tired and lonely walking back from the food bank. Although this woman is fully dressed and seems to look well put together, she probably doesn’t have other essential items such as a car, a home, and obviously food. She seems to live off the bare minimum and rely on the food bank to provide food for her. She looks very frustrated and she probably feels trapped in this poor lifestyle she is living. Without a family or someone to turn to, not only is it frustrating being poor, but also she must feel isolated and feel lonely at times like this. When interpreting this image, it makes me feel sad and feel sorry for this woman who is unable to provide food for herself and is forced to wheel it back in a beat up wagon.

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  1. Great job describing the picture. The visuals definitely invoke emotion, the sight of someone so down on their luck is really moving. Just the description of the image tells a sad story on its own but going a step further to imagine her life outside of this frozen moment in time is something not everybody is willing to do. Personally i’m the type that walks by people like that with my head down looking at the ground and trying not to think about their situation. If i think about it i wish i could help them but i know theres nothing that can be done. After people slip out of society like that it is hard to reach out to them and many are beyond help.

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