Dont be Slippin

Woman in gangs are often more dangerous than their male counterparts.

From Girls to Gangsters is an episode of Gangland on the history channel, which shows how the females do become validated members of gangs and participate in violent gang activity. The show gives us examples of how Female gangsters often act the same as males and follow the same let of rules and regulations, and must also participate in all the traditions as well. Gangland also shows us how sex appeal is used on the street to manipulate situations to the female’s advantage, and also how that sex appeal can give people a false sense of security.

Females being on the street committing the same crimes as males puts a totally new twist in the game. The fact of being female gives these women a certain amount of camouflage and the opportunity to operate under the radar. Women in general are usually view as physical threats to males; so female gang bangers often succeed in getting other male gangsters to drop their guards. Often times females are used as resources for the particular gang or set, they are usually the ones who hide the drugs in the case of police attention; they also are used as hit men. There are all girl sets in Los Angeles county, who operate just like a male run organization; selling drugs, committing murders, and protecting their neighborhoods. Women will often join gangs for the same reasons as males, for protection, sisterhood, and the ability to make people fear them. The single biggest reason women join gangs is because of an indirect affiliation, either through family members or through relationships they carry on with male gang members.

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  1. I found your thesis very interesting. I was surprised to know that women were more dangerous than men in gangs. Your points were very validating and you supported your thesis with key points and related them back to the video on the episode of Gangland on the History Channel. Your point about how women were seen as more camouflaged and under the radar when in a gang, made a lot of sense and made me think about how different women are from men in situations like this. I think overall you did a really good job of interpreting the video, however, you might have wanted to include specific details about the women’s appearance or how they acted in these gangs. Giving a visual description of what they looked like might have helped you make your argument much stronger because you portrayed them as fearless and under the radar.

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