Bull Markets Die

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This picture signifies the end of the bull market on Wall Street and the start of a less successful economic era.

In this picture we see a very famous street in New York City that usually has a golden bull looking as if it is about to charge. The bull that is normally charging is now lying on it’s side as if it were dead. The bull is gold and on a cobblestone section of road just outside of a park. There is a sign pointing to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and city buildings down the road.The trees have very green leaves and the park is sectioned off by a black fence.

The golden bull is the first part of this picture that catches the onlookers eye. It is gold to signify the money that runs through Wall Street. Normally the bull looks as if it is charging. This is because a healthy market that is growing is called a bull market because it moves forward like a charging bull, but now the bull is lying on its side as if it were dead. This signifies that the markets are no longer bull markets, that era is over and the economy is no longer growing the way that it used to be. The park behind him is a lush green which usually represents spring and new beginnings. The time of year is showing that this is a new beginning, not necessarily a good one, but still it is new. Above the bull is a sign saying Brooklyn  Battery Tunnel and points in the direction that it is. This sign shows people a way out. That they should leave behind the markets and give up on them while they still can. It states that people should leave in some way or another. The sign points down the street where a white building stands, a building that is meant to signify purity, innocence and sanctuary. The picture almost screams, if you follow this sign you will be saved from the fate this bull met, financial death.


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  1. Interesting way of viewing this. This was a very good picture for your topic, and you analyzed many aspect of the picture, giving it even more meaning. Great Job

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