Death to the BCS

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, Drew Litton, 600X414 pixels, June 28 2012

This drawing by Drew Litton illustrates three fans jumping for joy after finding out that there will be a playoff system in NCAA division one football.

Drew Litton drew three fans jumping for joy while holding a newspaper that says “Finally College Football Playoff.” Next to them is grave that says “RIP BCS.” Next to the grave is a pile of dirt, making the viewers believe the grave was recently put into place. All of the fans are men and seem to have an excited expression on their faces. The background of the illustration includes a metal fence with symmetrical trees on the right and left edges of the cartoon. Based of the color of the sky in the background, the setting looks as though the sun is rising.

The men jumping for joy symbolizes the general publics view on the recent change in college football. The fact that these men are all jumping with excitement and seemly giving each other high fives, leads the audience to know that the typical fan is content with this new news. Because all men are pleased about this change, one can interpret that the shared response is one that can be found in all college football fans. The grave indicates the death in the BCS system, which seems to be a positive modification to the current system in play. We know that this is a new change based on the fact that the grave seems to have been recently been dug. The rising sun in the background symbolizes a new, progressive life. There is not a cloud in the background, symbolizing a bright future in this newly established scheme for the NCAA football postseason. To go along with that, because the trees are symmetric on both sides of the drawing, one can interpret that there is a balance in this new change.

Overall based on this image that Drew illustrated, the audience can interpret that he agreed with this change and believes that there will be a bright, balanced future in NCAA division one football.

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  1. Good job with this curation. I like the cartoon you chose because it is cheerful. For critiques, there are a few spelling errors. Also, in the description paragraph I would describe the cartoon characters more. Instead of saying “jumping for joy” maybe write about what their facial expressions look like, where their hands are, and what their feet look like. Those details are the description and the interpretation that they are joyful would go in the second paragraph. Good interpretation of how the weather symbolizes a bright future and how the symmetric trees represent balance in the change. I wouldn’t have noticed those details and they really add to the overall message of the cartoon.

  2. Good interpretation of the picture as a whole besides just the main focus of it. I would have never noticed the symmetrical trees or the sun rising or the lack of clouds in the scene. In the interpretation paragraph I think it would have been beneficial for you to explain what the BCS system was and say why you think the new system is better.

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