Is the iPhone still revolutionary?

This image represents a parody of the future of the iPhone as an insanely tall phone that has not gained any width since the iPhone 4S.

The image represents an iPhone that looks more or less exactly like the 4S and the 5 except it’s incredibly tall. Apple was heavily criticized for it’s release of the new iPhone when the device did not look much different than the previous generation, only taller. A decent percentage of consumers, especially on online forums and debates on the apple support website, have complained about the lack of ingenuity and originality that apple has put forth in it’s new product. Mostly the burden has fallen upon Tim Cook (Apple C.E.O.) to take on the judgements as people blame him (incorrectly) for the lack of ingenuity. Tim Cook is mostly an overseer as far as the engineering and the design of the actual products go. He can make the final judgement but he cannot design the device itself. Nevertheless Apple has taken a lot more criticism than usual for this release.

Apple on the other hand never truly responds to these judgements as they are a company that aren’t truly based on consumer opinions. And so for that has worked for them. Apple has always believed that it is unnecessary to improve upon perfection. The iPhone 4 was already a pretty amazing product. In design it is a jewel and that looks amazing and comfortable fits in your hand while the software specification provided dual core chips that pushed the performance that we see com through on a mobile device. Apple doesn’t need to change something that is selling incredibly well and has an amazing consumer satisfaction rating. That is why the iPhone 4. 4S, and 5 don’t particularly look so different. Instead of focusing on changing something that is incredibly well reviewed, Apple focuses on improving the details that can push the phone closer to perfection while still keeping it a beautiful device that fits well in our hands.