Homeless Population Seeking Shelter on the Rise


Roberts, Sam. “New York Has Disproportionate Number of Residents in Shelters, Report Finds” New York Times. Oct. 1st, 2012. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/01/new-york-has-disproportionate-number-of-residents-in-shelters-report-finds/

Poverty comes in multiple forms, and housing is one of them; homeless people are seen everyday in certain areas, and with the rates of poverty at the highest they’ve been, there are many left without shelter.

This picture simply shows a woman and a young girl standing in a doorway.  The woman has her arm around the young girls shoulder, implying that they have a close relationship, most would assume mother daughter. The young girl has a blank face, while the older woman is distinctively frowning. There is not much in the picture that could lead us to why they look so down. The exterior of the building looks run down. It is almost as if everything is tearing at the seam, notable the pipe that looks as if its falling slowly away from the wall it should be attached to. There are there open mailboxes, which could lead viewers to believe that the house is shared. There is not much in the picture, but the faces and poor quality of the building imply that these may be people who have gone through a hard time.

This picture accompanies an article entitled: New York Has Disproportionate Number of Residents in Shelters, Report Finds, published in the New York Times, written by Sam Roberts. It was taken in Brooklyn, and indeed shows a mother and daughter who just recently got their own house again after living in homeless shelters for two and a half years since being evicted. This picture speaks to the lack of affordable housing in New York, and how it contributes to homeless population that is breaking records. The recent census showed that New York has the largest shelter population at more than 36,000, and this mother and daughter made up a part of that population for longer than they should have.