The Uniformity of an A Cappella Group

This image of Elon’s all female a cappella group, Sweet Signatures, captures the uniformity and level of performance collegiate a cappella groups give at performances.

The image above happens to be of a group I am currently involved in called Sweet Signatures. Looking at the picture we see the girls in the picture all have white dresses on and appear to be in the middle of choreography, indicated by the right leg sticking out. The color of the dresses really stands out against the organs in the background of the picture. They also stand out against the dark shadows of the audience members in the front of the picture. Everyone in the audience seems to be listening intently to what is going on in front of them on the stage. Looking at the stage, there is one girl out front singing into a mic. This would lead the observer to believe she is singing a solo and the others in the background are providing the beat behind the song. The lighting is also something in the image that stands out. The audience appears to not have any light overhead of them but the girls on stage have lights shining on them. The soloist’s hand being raised while she is singing demonstrates the emotion she is putting behind the song in order to pull in her audience. Finally, there are two mics behind and on either side of the soloist leading us to believe that the background needs help in order to balance with the soloist’s voice.

Having the girl’s all wear white dresses shows a sign of uniformity that they want to achieve to all feel equal to each other. It is neat and also very clean- looking to look similar for a performance. It gives the girls a professionalism that wouldn’t be acquired if they were all wearing sweats or t-shirts. The location is perfect too because they really stand out in the setting with the light and the organs behind them.  This would intrigue the audience to pay attention, which is what they appear to be doing in the image. The choreography provided also gives a sense of togetherness and interests whoever is watching. It would be boring to just watch a group of girls stand there and sing a song. The soloist adds an extra flair by getting into the song by raising her hand. It creates individuality in the song since it is probably a song people have heard since a cappella groups mainly re-create popular songs. The mics in front of the group places a balance between them and the soloist, which creates a better, sound for their audience. There are so many parts going on at once in an a cappella performance that it is important to be able to hear all of the clearly to get the full effect of the song.

            Collegiate a cappella is more intense than a lot of people would believe it to be. It takes planning and practice in order to put on the performances and do well and this image does a great job at pointing out everything that is worked on to put on a show.


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  1. Great curation! My first comment is that you need a creative commons license or you will get points off. Also, watch the typos in the last paragraph (before the thesis conclusion) and the wording in the last sentence. I think that it is great that you found a way to incorporate not only something your involved in but something that is part of the Elon community in this assignment. I think it will be easier for your readers to relate and agree with what you are saying. You are very descriptive with every aspect of the picture. You recognized the importance of the locations of the microphones, the formation of the singers, and the color contrast of their outfits and what these signify or how they contribute to the atmosphere of the picture. You also did a better job at making sure your thesis is clear and clear-cut than you did on your last curation. I think your passion in the subject and your ability to find importance in every detail creates a very well-done curation. Good job!

    –Renna Durham

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