Food Lines in Pakistan

The photo above clearly shows the current state of poverty in which Pakistan exists on a daily basis and their is no end in sight.

In the featured picture, there are over a dozen visible Pakistani people in a line, waiting for food to be distributed. The clothing in which they are dressed ranges from decent, to rags. In the foreground of the photo, there is a large pan, possibly a skillet, filled with some sort of meat being fried in grease. Accompanying the meat, there is flattened dough that the meat will be served on. Also in the foreground, there is a smiling child receiving the finished product from the pan. Every other adult member of the photo whose faces can be seen are staring intently at the food they will soon receive. There is one young man near the front of the line, holding his hands expectedly. Who knows when any of these individuals have eaten last.

In interpreting the photo above, one can conclude that every person involved in the picture is impoverished. The clothing the members of the photo are wearing range from decent to raggedy. The fact that they are waiting in a line for food in sub-par clothes suggests that they cannot afford food, much less, new garments. When taking a a closer look at the meat being fried is probably a mixture of low-grade substances mashed together and cooked. Judging by the fact that the clothing being worn covers most of the body and no one is perspiring, it is not summer. There are people of all ages in the food line, which leads me to believe there are no age distinctions in the lower class of Pakistan. Everyone needs to eat. The smiling child in the foreground of the picture suggests she is still naive to her living situation and social standing, happy due to her appreciation of being fed.

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  1. This picture is a great representation of the true poverty of Pakistan. The viewer really feels for the line of people waiting just to get a little bit of food to hold them over for a while until they are plunged back into hunger. The pure focus on the food and desire to eat can be read on every person’s face in the picture, which clearly shows just how hungry they are. The description of the picture is well explained and I especially liked when you said the people’s dress “ranges from decent, to rags”, which puts their poverty into even greater perspective. My only criticism is that you mentioned that line twice in the post. I also believe that the clothes they are wearing are the everyday clothes of Pakistanis and there is no distinction between seasonal attire but I could be wrong about that. I wouldn’t go so far to say that the young girl receiving food is “naive to her living situation” because I think her hunger can tell her that but she is certainly happy to be able to eat. Overall I think this was a great post that is sure to open any viewer’s eyes to happenings around the world.

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